Whatsapp for PC is the Dream Came True


It always sounds awesome when we are chilling out with friends and sharing our fun time with them in full comfort. No doubt hanging out is the best option but when we are busy in our household, official or educational life stuck in our routine life activities; we’ve another option and that’s messaging, texting and talking with them just like they are in front of us. There are so many software and applications available online by using which we can stay connected with our family, colleagues and friends. Whatsapp is one of the most famous, easy and interesting apps available online by using which we can communicate with our fellows in multiple ways i.e. texting, recoded audio messages, sending/sharing photos and videos and calling them instantly without any call charges. These are some of the features known about Whatsapp, rather there are tens of other benefits we get from using whatsapp for example we can enjoy group chats, we can know when our friend was online last time and so on.

The cool news we are gonna share with you is that whatsapp is not just an app for android or iPhone rather we can use it on our laptop as well. Using Whatsapp for PC was maybe a dream for many in past but now it has become reality. People who can’t use their tabs, mobile phones at office or at somewhere else they are welcoming this advancement because we feel much comfortable now with the option of using whatsapp for pc.

Whatsapp screenshot

Using whatsapp for pc is not so difficult now, especially after they launched this feature. You can use it for texting, voice calls and for all other purposes from your PC / laptop by installing it on your PC and that is really simple. You’ll just need to confirm your SIM card number while installation of this app and just a few easy steps would be required to be taken and then you can enjoy using whatsapp for PC without any restriction or difficulty.

Using whatsapp for PC would let you have an amazing experience of instant messaging with full control of emoticons, voice messages, sharing audios, videos and visuals. It has the best and simple user interface where you can create groups according to their nature or your requirement separately i.e. work group, colleagues, friends, cousins and family etc. Yet the sweet thing is, it’s free to use; what else you are looking for. For using Whatsapp on your desktop/laptop you need to launch whatsapp first of all on your smartphone. After that tap the “menu button” or go to setting tab and then tap whatsapp web; act according to the GUI (graphic user interface) of your device i.e. rather its android, iPhone or Windows phone. Now it’s time to open the official whatsapp site which is on Google chrome, Firefox or any other browser on your PC and here you’ll find a QR Code on the screen which you need to focus in the camera of your Smartphone and let it scan after which whatsapp will be ready to open on your Desktop/laptop.

Whatsapp screenshot 2

Here, you’ve completed all the process successfully and now your Desktop is ready to let you use Whatsapp on PC congratulations and start enjoying cool chit chat with your friends. Hope you’d love this fantastic sharing, please provide us with your feedback and suggestions regarding our posts what’ll make our sharing more interesting and worth viewing as its our aim to keep on sharing all the technological goodies including latest information about smartphones, internet, social media marketing, website development, android/iPhone apps and other useful information for you.

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