Traveling overseas – how to choose a resort hotel


traveling to canada

, while the same general rules apply when choosing any resort, extra care must be exercised when the destination is abroad.

security is a key factor in some parts of the world. The traveler should ask the following questions:

  • the facilities are secure? Fenced in compounds with security guards can seem a little like prison, but could be useful to the inconvenience.
  • it is near an urban area of crime, or in a more secluded area?
  • what reputation has this part of the world in terms of safety of tourists?
  • has this particular complex had security problems?

consider the distance and easy access when it comes to travel overseas.

  • how many flight hours is involved?
  • direct flights there, and if not, how many connections will there be?
  • is the convenient station at the airport, or several trips will be required?
  • the station provides transport to and from the point of arrival?

another concern with overseas destinations is health.

  • which diseases are common to the region?
  • what vaccinations are necessary?
  • the country has well equipped modern hospitals?
  • what accessibility, institutions of healthcare at the resort?
  • is the one of travel insurance for this part of the world?
  • were there reports of health issues (food poisoning, hepatitis etc.) to the station?

language and culture should take into account when you plan a vacation overseas.

  • while the hotelier will have English-speaking staff, communication off-premises will be a problem?
  • are there cultural issues to know? In some countries belonging to a particular religion, or being openly gay could cause problems. Women can have trouble traveling alone.
  • are some unacceptable types of dress? Shorts or mini-skirts may be deprecated.
  • in some Asian countries, women traveling with foreign men are considered to be prostitutes.

a trip overseas can be a rewarding experience. Some basic duties will help to choose the right hotel. As with any destination, one of the best ways to ensure the right choice is to talk to someone who has been there. First hand knowledge beats slick brochures every time.

traveling to canada