Traveling Overseas – How to Choose a Resort Hotel


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While the same general rules apply when choosing any resort hotel, extra care must be exercised when the destination is overseas.

Safety is a key consideration in some parts of the world. Questions the traveler should ask include:

  • How secure are the facilities? Fenced in compounds with security guards may seem a little prison-like, but could be worth the inconvenience.
  • Is it close to a high-crime urban area, or in a more secluded region?
  • What reputation does this part of the world have in terms of tourist safety?
  • Has this particular resort had any security issues?

Consider distance and ease of access when it comes to overseas travel.

  • How many hours of flying time are involved?
  • Are direct flights available, and if not, how many connections will there be?
  • Is the resort convenient to the airport, or will more travel be required?
  • Does the resort provide transportation to and from the arrival point?

Another concern with overseas destinations is health.

  • What diseases are common to the region?
  • What inoculations are required?
  • Does the country have modern well equipped hospitals?
  • How accessible are health care facilities at the resort?
  • Is the chosen travel insurance adequate for this part of the world?
  • Have there been reports of health related issues ( food poisoning, hepatitis etc.) at the resort?

Language and culture should be taken into account when planning an overseas holiday.

  • While the resort hotel will have English-speaking staff, will communication off-premises be a problem?
  • Are there cultural issues to be aware of? In some countries belonging to a particular religion, or being openly gay could pose problems. Women may have difficulty traveling alone.
  • Are some types of dress unacceptable? Shorts or mini-skirts may be frowned upon.
  • In some Asian countries, native-born women traveling with foreign men are looked upon as prostitutes.

Traveling overseas can be a rewarding experience. Some basic homework will aid in choosing the right resort hotel. As with any destination, one of the best ways of assuring the right choice is to speak to somebody who has been there. First-hand knowledge beats slick brochures every time.

traveling to thailand