Top 5 guided hikes and activities in Cusco, South America


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White Water Rafting:

Rafting is one of extreme sports more hardcore you can discover. There is nothing like the rush you get down a river in a small boat in plastic, while the rocks, waves and current throws you back to a very high speed. All though it can look quite scary and dangerous, the guide in your two a very good control over the boat and your safety. However, you can not wait stay dry! An unforgettable day, rafting in rivers at levels 4 and 5 (out of maximum 5) to Cusco

the Inca Trail:

the hiking trail is probably the most popular tour for backpackers in South America. 3 or 4 day trek in the Alps takes you to some of the best of nature with the Inca ruins in the Peru. The trek ends with a grand final; Machu Picchu. Although hiking can be exhausting, it is still the best way to set up your expectations for Machu Picchu. During the trek, you’ll also guides that will guide, Cook and help you with your luggage. Don’t miss out on one of the most famous treks in the world!

bungee jumping:

A bungee jumping is by many considered the thing more frightening that you can do, much worse than the sky diving and paragliding. Own bungee to Cusco is one of the turnbuckles more senior top 5 in America. Bungee jumping is 122 meters high, located in a beautiful valley, 10 minutes from Cusco. In addition to the bungee jumping, they also have a first bungee jump world called “The Superman”. This time, you will be left attached to the ground while the elastic is tight slowly before shoot you from at breakneck speed straight up into the air! The tensioners to Cusco is a must try for all those who hike in South America!


rent a motorcycle is one of the best ways to discover Cusco and valleys autour. Take a ride on the highway and feel the freedom of a motorcycle while ride you from the famous ruins Inca; Pisac, Urubamba, and many others. Don’t have a license? Do not worry. It’s Peru, license are not necessary. However, it can be dangerous, especially on the Peruvian to motor bike roads! Follow normal traffic rules and go with someone who knows how to ride a bike! Alternatively, you can hire guides to accompany you all day!

… Party:

Cusco is one of the best cities in South America. Hostels are crazy, nightclubs are crazy and people are crazy! Nightclubs are open every night and do not close until the hours early in the morning.

the rivalry between the clubs at night are extreme, so don’t forget to pick up at least one of the many free drinks that are available outside on the main square. During a pub crawl you can easily get free drinks from 10-12 every night.

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