The Missing Piece of a Maze


What will happen if you are asked to complete a maze with a missing piece? Will you be able to elaborate and see the whole picture? The missing piece of a maze is written and evidenced through Quran. The reader at end will conclude that how Important role it played in Islamic History. For more than 12 centuries we (Muslims) deceived ourselves while the reality is brighten as day light.

As Muslim, this is our faith that Quran is the only heaven book that exists in cent percent genuine form. No alterations even in single word can be found. Almighty Allah has kept his promise to keep it protected till the Day of Judgment. Muhammad ﷺ in his holly life protected it by producing it in written form as well as memorizing it himself ﷺ and to his ﷺ companions Verse by verse till completion of whole Quran (original script). Hufaaz (the persons who memorized it) are protectors of Quran and recites Quran on daily basis so not a single word can escape from their memories. Hazrat Umar RA (the companion and 2nd Muslim ruler) produced 70,000 Quran in his supervision and spread it all over his state. Time passed on till Hujaj Bin Yousaf where he added (aarab, voval signs/ diacritics) for non Arabic Muslims so the pronunciation of words (reciting Quran) can be identical.

We Muslims do believe that all other holly books and preaching are been altered intentionally or unintentionally and thus the followers of other religions although tries to but are not on right path. One can find the evidence by reading any holly books of different authors (while Quran carries interpreters’ names for translation only). One may find multiple human errors in all holly books but Quran. Can we answer (followers of other books and non Muslims) the only question” our books as per your claim are altered and thus we are not on right path but (in presence of original script, Al Quran) what keeps you (Muslims) scattered? Which school of thought (Islamic) is on right path? “

Quran is the manual book (final holly book) of Creator Allah for all his creation. Nobody can claim better knowledge about any creation but CREATOR only. Quran provides the best solutions for all problems (from birth till grave) and provides information about before life and after life. Any one from any religion can be its beneficiary until and unless he or she is seeking the right path or solution. He (almighty Allah) is called Rab ul Alimeen instead of Rab ul Muslimeen so; the holly book cannot be kept limited to Muslim community only.

Why are Muslim spread in so many (72) schools of thought when Quran clearly conveys Allah message “ And hold fast, all of you together to the Rope of Allah, and be not divided among yourselves” (al Quran -3:103) ,is a million dollar question? Are we Muslims not disobeying Allah’s direct and clear cut orders? Do we need more evidences to claim the authenticity of the said verse where we have a faith that not a single word can be changed in Quran? Some of us may come up with ahadeth (sayings of Muhammad ﷺ) supporting different schools of thought but can any one of them answer the question “How many schools of thought (Islamic) existed in holly life of Muhammad ﷺ? Does Quran speak of any school of thought? Does Quran pronounce us with any other but Muslim and momin? What will be our answers at Day of Judgment where Allah himself will ask, when he kept his promise (keeping Quran in genuine form) why we broke ours (disobeying Allah’s Orders)? We are called our whole life by our school of thought (instead of Muslim) what will be our answer when Allah asks true Muslims to be raised for Heaven only? Where did Allah in Quran call us “Sunni, Shya, Diwbandi, ahl e hadeth or by any school of thought”? If Allah brings his punishment on us, can any scholar is dared enough to stand in his way? If not, we must have to admit that we are not at right path and will be punished in this and afterlife both. We must think, on Day of Judgment Christians, Jews and other followers may have a lame excuse (altered Holly books) but the presence of original script (Al Quran) leaves us with no option but to follow the direct orders.

Ahadeth supporting school of thought, are meant to create a healthy competition where followers are allowed to seek Allah’s will within allowed limits only. The above said is the only supporting evidence to different schools of thought and should be limited to it. Respect all and be Muslims only. This may open windows of Allah’s forgiveness for existing (Muslims) and avoid confusion of new Muslims.