The Lack of Macau Gay Bars Does not Mean You Can not Enjoy Your Holiday


traveling to china

The Chinese city of Macau is a popular holiday destination, but there is one big problem for gay tourists – there are no gay venues. However, if you are planning a trip away then do not be put off this destination just yet.

If you are looking for gay nightlife then Macau may not be the best holiday destination for you. Whilst there used to be a gay establishment in the past, it was eventually shut down. Many of the locals frown upon homosexuality, but this does not mean that there are not any options for a great night out.

When it comes to a noticeable gay presence, you may be better off traveling to Hong Kong where there are a number of bars and clubs catering to the gay community. In Macau itself there are still a number of bars and clubs which you can enjoy alongside both gay and straight visitors.

When it comes to those places that welcome gay customers it pays to know where you are going, especially to find those bars and clubs that are not advertised. However, if this is not possible then you can still enjoy much of what the diverse Chinese culture has to offer.

As it stands, there is not a huge demand for Macau gay bars and clubs. Until future gay bars start to open, you may want to think carefully about your options when it comes to planning your holiday. If you know what you should expect then you can avoid disappointment when you arrive.

traveling to china

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