Stun Guns and Pepper Spray – Restrictions on Travel With These Self Defense Tools



Both stun guns and pepper spray have become extremely popular self defense tools over the last few years and I am often asked about restrictions on traveling with these items. When I spoke to representatives at both Amtrak and Grayhound they simply asked that these items be placed in your checked baggage. But seeing as how there really are no security checks before boarding a train or bus, this really is on the honor system. Commercial airlines however, are a different story. Even though both stun guns and pepper spray are legal in most states there are a few precautions that should be taken before you travel.

  • First, of all be sure to take a few minutes to check for restrictions on either product at your destination. Even though they are legal at you departure point, they will most likely be confiscated if your destination point does have restrictions.
  • Second, all commercial airlines have restrictions relating to travel with disabling devices or chemicals. Either self defense sprays nor stun guns can be carried on your person or in your carryon luggage. You can however, place both items in your checked luggage. Pepper spray canisters can not exceed a four ounce limit.
  • Third, check to be sure that your defensive spray canister has a locking device. This will insure that it will not accidentally discharge in your baggage while on the plane.
  • Fourth, be sure to tell the airlines that you have a stun gun or pepper spray canister in your checked luggage and that it is in a place where it can easily be located. They are obliged to check the pepper spray canister to be sure that it has a locking device.

The most important thing that I tell my customers when traveling with either product is not to try to conceal them. With the use of metal detectors and X-ray machines on commercial airlines, they will most likely be detected, even those canisters disguised as lipstick or other items.


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