Skin Care – Glow your Skin with Natural Toners


Skin Care

Skin, the very 1st impression factor in non verbal communication and can result in wonders. A Natural glowing toned skin is a precious gift of Heaven but one must have to take a good care of it. On other hand, most of us with stressed routine and dusty environment need to do extra care of our skin. Hundreds and thousands of beauty products are available but how to choose the best compatible is a million dollar question. Our article “Skin care- Glow your skin with natural toners” will guide you through a skin care routine and natural products for the best results.

Skin Care routine

Although, to look beautiful is built in nature of females but recent studies shows that gents are also gaining awareness. Mostly skin care routine is completed with following three steps.

  1. Tone your skin
  2. Cleanse your skin
  3. Moisturize your skin

Tone your skin

The option (b) can be applied 1st in case of makeup removal and followed up by others. Skin toners tone your skin with natural order and thus put you in relaxed mood. The benefits of skin toners are, it closes skin pores and glows your skin while whitening agent results in fairness.

The following are natural skin toners recommended highly by Herbalists and cosmetologists. The clear results can be observed within two to three weeks. This is the mixture of natural products where each of them plays a vital role. You can make the mixture any time at your home with no additional costs occurring.

How to make natural toner?

For making natural toner you need equal amounts of Tomato water, yogurt water, Rose water and anise seed/ fennel seed water. Mix all fluids/waters and apply to tone your skin.

All waters can be gained by the following process.

  1. Tomato (natural glowing agent) water -keep it in fridge overnight and after cutting you will have tomato water out of it
  2. Yogurt water – Hang it in Batiste cloth at home or can be gained from packed yogurt by taking out one or two spoons out. Put it back in fridge and after sometime you will see yogurt water, grab it…
  3. Rose water is available in market at very low price. This is a skin freshener, keep the rose water spray in your hand bag and apply it multiple times directly on your skin (allergy free). This is specially recommended for persons with skin allergies to different skin products.
  4. Anise seed/fennel seed water can be achieved by boiling it.

Usage/ application – Use the mixture after makeup removal. It has no side effects and thus can be used in daily routine without any fear to consequences.

Cleansing your skin

Dust closes your skin pores and thus can result in dull skin, pimples and allergies. Cleansing becomes necessary in dusty environment eg south Asian countries. Almost all cleansing products (by companies) have side effects and cannot be used on daily basis. Milk is a natural cleansing agent while lemon is a natural whitening agent. The combination of both will result in clear and fair skin.

How to make natural cleanser at home

The procedure is really simple and instant. You will need 5 table spoons milk with two to three lemon juice drops (fresh lemon). Apply the mixture on your skin. It has no side effects and thus can be used in daily skin care routine.

Olive oil is a natural moisturizer. You can apply olive oil or any branded of your choice.