Seven Essential WordPress Plug-in for a Blog site


WordPress plug-in lends excellent functionality to blog site. A person can use these add-ons to grow your website to integrate all the functions you want to run your blog with greater ease.

Following below are Seven Essential WordPress plug-in for a Blog Site, that every blog owner must have on the blog:

  1. Google XML Sitemap:

While the search engines initiate exploring for your blog, it is important that web bots discover your website instant.

Google XML Sitemap may support your website to become very easily discoverable. Your website may get a web spider-friendly sitemap and every time someone types in the key word, you website will be discovered quicker than other sites.

  1. WP Maintenance Mode:

An individual’s website maintenance tasks should not treat your regular online visitors rudely. Get this WordPress plug-in and allow your site visitors see a colorful webpage stating that the routine maintenance is going on.

Once the maintenance is over, disable the plug-in and the blog will be live again.

  1. Subscribe2:

Your blog site visitors are generally excited to learn what is going on in your website. In case you have included anything new to it, they will need to know first. This particular WordPress plug-in does just that.

The site visitors will simply have to subscribe to this by mentioning their wanted email id and pages whose development they need to know. As a result, anytime you make a change to those components, they will be up to date immediately.

  1. Gravity Forms:

Forms are really valuable when you need to remain in touch with your site visitors. Feedback forms are a mode of connection between the visitors and you. If you have a basic form then you might not get a good reply.

Have custom-made forms with Gravity Forms. Having this plug-in, you can include several tailor-made fields in your form.

  1. All in One SEO Pack:

The good results of blog are extremely motivated by the quantity of visitors your site receives. You might boost traffic to your website if you enhance it with on-page SEO techniques. This particular WordPress plug-in is targeted at helping you gain a higher rating for your site and subsequently better online existence.

This plug-in helps in creating proper title, description, Meta tag and keywords among other things for every post or page that you create. You can easily enhance your small business for the search engines.

  1. Database Backup:

It is Necessary to backup your blog site essential data. Don’t depend on web hosting provider backup solution. Use this plug-in to backup your site database.

You can perform the backup on demand or schedule backup. This plug-in help you to secure your data.

  1. Privacy Policy:

This plug-in create the privacy policy page for your website very easily. The Default setting of this plug-in will create the common privacy policy page which describes the fundamental laws regulating the cyber world.


Using these essential plug-in you can create full features site. These plug-in also help you to improve your site for social media and search engines.

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