Inventions Based on the Research Work of Ibn Al Haytham


Research Work of Ibn Al Haytham

He was born in Basra (Iraq) in 965. That time, Basra was a center of education, knowledge and literature in the world. Almuqtadar was caliph fromthe Bannu Abbas’s Government. He got primary education from a religious school. After completion of his education, he joined popular religious scholars and entered in Porte. His professional capabilities and firm educational grip exposed him in the eyes of Caliph and Caliph selected him as a minister of his government. That time religious conflicts among different sects was very often. New sects were formulating and old sects were emerging in similar sects. Sects were busy in Polemize (munazra) activities on the river banks of Dajla and Farat. These polemize conventions had prolonged up to many months. He was bearing this commotion and getting hatred in his heart against these religious discussions, religious convent and sectarian conflicts. He wanted to work for humanity, which could prominent him to remember himself until the rest of world. He had fed-up from Existing system, which was a major hurdle to achieve his aims.

Dispirited from pathetic system, one day, he migrated to Egypt. Egypt had the government of Alhukum. Alhukum became caliph at the age of his eleventh year after the death of AL AZIZ BILLAH. Alhukum had a very strange in nature. He was intellectual as well as an illiterate at same time. He brought scholars and scientists from all over the world in his country and same time he ordered his army to kill all dogs in country. He was allergic from dog’s barking. He also killed the civil servants on their little mistakes. This man reached to Cairo after migration from Iraq. Caliph Alhukum gave him a responsibility to construct a dam on river Nile. He managed a team of engineers and started traveling on the river Nile bank. After analyzing the river, he resulted that due to non-availability of such technology, which could support him to construct such a big dam, the dam could not constructed. Dam’s project will destroy Egypt economically. He came back to Alhukum’s port and accepted his defeat. King annoyed from his answer and ordered his servants to kill him. Before the implementation of king order, he stood up and start dancing madly. He also torn his cloths while dancing and spoken stupid gossips. Caliph called doctors for his medical checkup. Doctors declared him a mad. After this king revert his death decision and gave house arrest punishment to his death.

He had confined at his house near to Alazhar Mosque. He thanked to ALL MIGHTY ALLAH (SWT) and started his research work. This punishment gave world a prominent scientist whose research changed the Centre of science for upcoming world. If he had killed, this world might not invent camera, telescope, sunglasses and eye operation. We might unaware of the secrets of light and shadow. We could have been thinking that light come out from human eye and it do not enter from outer atmosphere into human eye. It could have been possible that we may still understanding the deafness is ALLAH’S punishment to human and this disease could not be cure. Wherever is this world, it is a fruit of his rigorous research. He was our obliging.

He had freed from confinement in 1021, after the death of Caliph Alhukum. After the funeral of caliph, his house door was opened. Until then he had written 92 scientific articles. He had laid foundation of almost 200 great inventions. During his confinement period, he had written seven volumes of his book KITAB UL MANZAR. He informed this world in his book about the light which comes from outer atmosphere into eye. He explained the world about magical play of mirror, light, colors from light and reflection. He had informed the world about telescope, which could be invented. He informed to the world first time in history of science about traveling of light. He disclosed that light travels with a speed. The light possesses the atoms of energy, which travels straight. He discovers that a camera could also be invented and you can save images and sceneries by yourself. In his books, he informed the world about sun and moon eclipse. He illustrated the astrology in his book. He informed the world about system of action and reaction. He informed the world about the function of eyes. He divide an eye into three parts. Retina, lens and cornea are the basic three parts of eyes. This division of eye laid the foundation of eye surgery and goggles in the world. To see the discovery of his work and research, you have to search on the internet about light and eye’s related invention, whole science is thankful to his hard work. This mad man is known as a founder of light and eye science. He is recognized in the world of scientist as ABU ALI ALHASSAN BIN HUSSAIN IBN E AL HEESHUM, popularly known as ibn al haytham.