Political Diversions and Eye Wash


Political Diversions

Political diversions and eye wash are the bible of all world governments but Pakistan government had a track record of going beyond limits. Just like illusionists Pakistan government has many handy tricks for political diversions and to eye wash of the concerned citizens. It seems this is the only inherited and shared quality of all leading parties and dictators. Conducting Commissions, Committees and judicial tracks are the most common tack ticks applied at local level while “Scott land yard” is utilized to avoid complicated situations. In our home, even the unbeaten Scott land yard bows its knees before criminal minds. Most of the countries (after 30 years) open their secrets for public records but in Pakistan. The strings are still attached with repetition of faces, parties and organizations.It is believed that availability of public references may blow the claimed credibility of many (almost 99.9%). The article political diversions and eye wash will guide the readers through the compromised systems.

Dictatorship disguised in Democracy

In Pakistan democracy starts and ends on voting process. The one staged democracy is usually hijacked by enrolled political parties. No one claims the transparency of more than 80% rigged elections and 100% incompetent governments. No certain rules (character, education, and track record) are required for enrollment and thus results worst on top. The true democratic candidate is always meant to serve but our election commission is producing rulers. Being minister and above is probably the most lenient thing to do. One doesn’t need any skills or qualifications but wealth and unlimited greed of unshared power. If you possess this only quality in yourself, the whole system is ready to serve you. Six long decades of apparent freedom has brought nothing more but dictators and disguised dictators.

Compromised opposition is meant to strengthen the ruling party

Opposition is the only “yard stick” of democracy that keeps the ruling party delivering. In fact, strong opposition balances the equation of acquired powers. It keeps ringing “responsibilities” repeatedly in ears of ruling party. Though empowered parties in Pakistan are dump enough to hear voice of its citizens but opposition. In Pakistan, we have culture of compromised oppositions and dummy president or prime minister. PPP and PML-N both backed each other with compromised opposition and shown turn by turn with only intervals of marshal laws. Compromised opposition is nothing more but a true blessing from the blue for ruling party.

Track record of PPP and PML-N

PPP and PML-N have a long track record of blunders and incompetency. Operation Nusrat (Jamu Kashmir), Tashqant Agreement conspiracy and separation of East Pakistan (Bangla Desh) is a long list that proves Mr. Zulfiqar Bhutto was a self-centered person. The list of PPP continuous with its span and matures at times of X Prime Minister Asif Ali Zardari. PPP has nothing but to claim deaths of their leaders. Mr. Prime minister Nawaz Sharif of PML-N , a business tycoon was placed in politics by Army generals. Sharif family proved universal truth, “business has no belongings”.Sharif family came in politics to increase their business chances and manipulated all business policies for their own benefits. Money laundering, back kicks, corruption, collision of institutes, conducting fake encounters and ordering straight firing at civilians are the minimum to accuse PML Through their entire tenure both PML-N and PPP have done nothing but diversions and eye washing Pakistani citizens


Death of Benazir Bhutto (PPP), last tenure of Mr. Nawaz Sharif, change in opinions and raising popularity of IK (PTI) suggests that golden times of both parties are about to over now. Along with these seasonal political parties, let’s hope time of extreme Political Diversions and eye wash will come to an end.

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