Organic Food Benefits & its Production


Organic Food

The word organic means cent percent natural product where no addictives or no artificial amendments are made at any stage of producing the said. It means no alterations are done with seeds, no artificial fertilizers are added to the soil and no sprays are availed for prevention of corps. USA organic standards allows only 5% addictives (non food items) in preparation of organic food items. Organic food carries natural balanced nutrition values with no man made alterations. Decades ago, organic food was the only source of feeding living beings on earth but with growth of population and high demand of food, scientists altered it to produce more. Although the altered foods are also natural but with a bit difference in nutrition values, size and taste. The alteration made us capable to store food items for longer time with contagious supply 4 seasons a year.

Organic Food Market

Organic food is now the very hot item of all super stores. One can find all food items from vegetables to eggs. The store highlights the said articles by displaying a “organic foods” and each item is stamped organic by the regularities. Organic foods produced in pure natural environment are usually small in size, number and may be limited to some specific seasons. International trading has fixed the last (availability in specific season) by importing it all over from globe. Organic food is also a bit expensive and availed by organic food lovers only.


To produce an organic crop on lands used with artificial fertilizers is a process of at least three years where former will not add any artificial addictives or prevention but natural fertilizers only. After three years the lands will gain its natural values. The former must have to use natural seeds instead of hybrid (altered to result mass production). Usually no former can take risk for three years with lower crops production but only those with a vision can only dare.

Agricultural lands all over the world are use to artificial fertilizers for more than decades now. Only the lands of poor formers who cannot afford the enriched artificial fertilizers and hybrid seeds are ready for to produce organic corps but unfortunately these poor formers have no idea for the worth of organic products in market. The exporters are the only beneficiaries of organic food products till now but now some educated and wealthy formers are building their organic community in ASIA.

The increasing demand of organic food is attracting formers and investors to invest in this field but probability says this will be limited to 5% of agricultural lands of any country. The higher demand of food products puts a barrier to enter in this field of agriculture. May local governments after a few decades, put a ban on organic crops productions and keep it limited to some specific areas. This will help local governments to meet the food requirement of its population. As per economic rules, high demands for organic food with low supply will boost up the prices.

Organic foods/ corps addresses the deficiencies (minerals, vitamins) of local population but resent immigration rate in 21th century has disturbed the evidence.


Eat organic food and stay healthy. Organic food enhances immunity much more than altered food. It is much more healthy and tasty but quite expensive and unreachable.