Medical Tips for Heat Stroke


Heat Stroke Tips

Heat stroke killed more than 1100 persons in Karachi in last couple of days. Each day brings an increment to the number of deaths while government has no answer for the disaster. The reader should know, no unusual changes in Pakistan climate been recorded for last few decades. The reason for mass killing is shortage of water, electricity, medicines and doctors. In developed countries, government pays the price with their tenure and much more but in Pakistan. Here, we have to help ourselves with our limited resources and all knowledge available. The article is written to appreciate the efforts against heat strokes.

Definition of Heat Strokes

Heat stroke or sun stroke is the state of severe heat illness. The illness here can be defined medically as” hyperthermia with a body temperature above 40.6 C (105.1 F) caused by environmental heat exposure in absence of thermoregulation. Heat stroke turns the “temperature set point” of a body on increased end. Here the mind of patient with heat strokes, stuck at very same point it occur. The patient cannot move, walk, talk or change his (er) position. This position can be resembled with “computer got hanged” situation.

Preventive measures

Preventive measure includes consuming plenty of cool beverages/ liquids. Here on must have to avoid excessive heat, humidity and unventilated spaces. Parked cars should be avoided as it quickly heats up and can create an ideal situation for heat stroke. Car with leather seats produces different dangerous gases that can harm your respiratory system. Try to limit unnecessary movements in open areas at day timing. Here we have to try our level best to reduce direct sun contact or with heat generated areas.

What should we do?

Eat onion to avoid heat strokes

Onion is the best natural solution to avoid such situations. Onion is enriched with water, minerals and salts that are necessary for human body. In summer times, sweating reduces water and mineral levels in body that can lead a person to death by sunstroke. Eat onions as much as you can and stay secure from heat strokes. Besides other benefits ,this is the only 100% secure technique against sun strokes that truly works.

Eat phosphorus and avoid calcium products

Phosphorus enriched products reduces thirst in fasting or absence of water. It helps maintaining body water level and lower downs fast consumption of water. On other end, calcium enriched products increases thirst level of human body. Eat bananas, yoghurt and all phosphorus enriched products. Cardamom in green tea is a supplement to avoid thirst.

Consume cold fluids, avoid beverages with alcohol and caffeine

Drink cool fluids as much as you can especially water. Don’t wait for your thirst, drink beverages, fresh juices and shakes. A fluid keeps you away from dehydration, strokes and maintains your body temperature at required level.

Wear light colors and airy clothes

Dark colors observe sun light and causes more heat. To avoid complex situation, wear light colors. A light color reflects sun light and creates cool effects. Avoid black and dark colors. Additionally, try to choose airy clothes.

Keep a wet cloth on your head

Walking outside in day timing?, Keep a wet cloth on your head to avoid sun strokes.