Karachi the City Surrounded by Terror


Karachi City

Karachi the metropolitan city of Pakistan with population composed of more than 20 millions from all over Pakistan. Dark now spreads very early upon “City of Lights” and terror surrounds the economic hub of Pakistan. Karachi with highest street crime rate can easily compete among the most unsafe cities on face of earth. People landing in Karachi, are afraid of the welcoming city of opportunities while natives are emigrating from the city of violence. Beware, if you are planning a visit, you can be mugged, robbed or murdered in day light in presence of thousands but no one will stand for you. The 180 degree change was not a bolt from the blue but a gradual process where crime grew while law enforcement always stood stand by. Karachi city is divided into different unseen parts based upon racism and lingual basis. Muhajers (emigrated from India in 1947) cannot step in Phattan areas and vise versa. The article will drive us through the root cause of all inhuman activities, worst law enforcement and major contributors of the raised crime rate in Karachi.

The biggest stack holders   and beneficiaries of Karachi city are the following political parties. The political parties enjoy crown ship in their respective areas empowered by their street power and armed wings. You just cannot live in peace or operate business in any area but have to pay them against your safety.

  1. MQM
  2. PPP
  3. ANP
  4. Lyari Group


MQM is the pioneer to introduce armed wings in politics. The dirty politics of MQM involves but is not limited to street crimes supervision, terrorism, inhuman activities, mass murdering, target killings and illegal land acquisition (mafia). MQM headed by chair person Iltaf Hussain can literary block the whole city on one single call (the violators mostly are unable to see the next morning light or are financially buried into the ground). MQM is capable to gain more than 82 votes per minute from a single both. MQM enjoys organizational hierarchy of think tanks, Public speakers and armed wings while all of the said plays their individual roles to support their cause (mostly illegal). Interesting fact is, MQM is always enjoys their seats in enrolling party (government).

Recently MQM was accused of mass murdering and flaming up 259 lives in a single factory where the owner refused to pay extortion money. The inhuman act was evidenced and reported in JIT report but still current government has many strings attached with the abused.


The silent crime partner of MQM can be probably called biggest land mafia in Karachi and Sindh. PPP is not that much into street crimes but loves to be a part of biggest financial (corruptions) benefits only. PPL always supports MQM for the mutual benefits in Karachi and thus can be called the root cause of all crime scenes in Karachi.


Belongs to Phattan group and were initially welcomed against MQM but gradually when got strength, now can be called other version of MQM. ANP is accused in inhuman activities with Muhajers, illegal land acquisition, having armed wings and collection of extortion money.

Lyari Group

Lyari although is a part of Karachi, Pakistan but you cannot move in without reference. Lyari groups mostly fall in street crimes. Mugging and robbing are their favorite hobbies while robs banks as kids use to play in grounds. On red signal (attached to their area) armed youngsters use to rob the whole lot of passengers passing by. This can be occurred in day light in presence of thousands on road. They knock your car windows, rob and flew away in their streets. If one denies, the trigger hippies do not spare a single second to shoot in victim’s head.

Pakistan 70% of revenues is generated from Karachi City and most of the industries are situated in it (because of harbor). The law enforcement agencies needs to clear the city without any discrimination and have to make their image of the crime controllers instead of crime supporters while government have to give them open hand to address the crime.