Imran Khan (PTI) Buried Under his Own Vision


Imran Khan (PTI)

PTI, touching the skies of popularity over nightly, seems to compromise its vision. PTI being the rising star is a magnet attracting important members of other political groups. PPP leaders are joining PTI while it is assumed that PML-N members will join the party on their decline. PPP is at her decline while PML-N is at last shine and political leaders knows better the right time to jump to the other boot. This trend may help PTI to expend but is also an alarming situation for Imran Khan of PTI. It is assumed that mandate of PTI has been hijacked by new jumpers and Jahangir Tareen been Secretary General, has strengthen the doubts. Imran Khan calling for change should remain stricken with his political preaching or will be buried under his own vision.

Imran Khan of PTI initially came up with a vision of change that charged youth to jump in politics. Earlier, politics was limited to a few of special mind sets but now youth changed its visions. On call of Imran khan, charged youth jumped in politics with aggression, passion and for a positive change. He being celebrity carries much more charm for youth while on other end Shaukat Khanum project has assured his credibility in senior age group. Election 2013 with highest turnover evidenced strong presence of youth right from beginning while felt strong foot work of PTI workers.For the 1st time other political parties were alarmed of their presence.Imran Khan got partial success and got mandate for KPK province. One may not know the facts but, KPK bears highest literacy rate right from independence and is known for its versatile nature. KPK firmly believes in delivery and offers a clean sweep otherwise. Imran Khan of PTI will turn KPK province as role model or PTI may not need other lands to rest in peace.

Ill supervision of Local government election KPK has raised many eye brows and finger points on PTI performance. Ignoring claims and blames, it shook PTI foundations and vibrant their whole body. PTI was expected to deliver with much more care, enforced law and peace. No doubt, other players under supervision reversed all their (PTI) games but this all was predicted. What not expected was PTI response to the situation. Though PTI being new player to political game showed much better response but caused loss of credibility among silent lovers of PTI. PTI may seem itself worthwhile for their performance but blunders of other political parties have a greater part in their popularity.

Imran khan flew away from azadi march, this blander was expected from none but Imran Khan. The situation was coupled up with miss management and rude response of their event manager. Through Imran Khan with recommendations of seasonal consultants tried his best to recover his credibility but was the first official shock for PTI.

Change is opposed by rulers and welcomed by public

With a slight change, many PTI starters (volunteers, members) got a part from party. According to unhappy PTI members “Calling for change is only a youth magnet and party mandate has been hijacked by new jumpers”. Things may not be as seen but Imran Khan needs to retain former members and to value their opinions. Imran Khan should know that jumpers are only the opportunity seekers but this time they are jumping against their political death. The situation offers all balls in PTI court leaving Imran Khan in a position to enter in all agreements with his own terms and conditions. He should accept only suitable candidates (clean records) or will defame PTI. The politics of inheritance is over and changed behavior will spare no one but who delivers. It will offer equal opportunity to all parties and will make all accountable.

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