How to Study While Traveling


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Moving around all of the time is an intricate part of many peoples' lives. These folks have long commutes, especially to and from their school campus. This travel time can use up a large portion of their time and still they have to go home and hit the books. Would it not be easier if they could combine the two things together and get both done in less time?

This can be sure to be your reality if you put your mind to it. All you have to do to make this happen is to bring along study material on your trips, but some study methods are more effective than others while on the go.

Here are some tips on the study material you should bring while traveling.

Stay away from using text books – While it is true that everything you need to know resides within a text book, there is an easier way to study without lugging around a heavy text book. Also, it is really ineffective and illogical to use one because of one simple fact.

You will be studying in bursts.

You will not be spending 100 per cent of your commute time studying. You will have other things that require your attention like getting off at the right stop or anything else that comes to mind. What you need is something more simple to study from.

One could use a single subject notebook. These can work, but just like the text book, it can be annoying to bring around with you. You can do better then this.

The best things to take with you to study from on your trips are one of these two things.

The first thing you can use is a cheat sheet / study sheet. A study sheet is great because it is just one sheet that you can easily fold and store in a pocket. Then, you can whip it out when ever you have a burst of study time.

As a quick reminder, search online on how to make a proper study sheet. They should have the information well organized and have lots of visual objects like graphs, doodles, and mind-maps. The use of these images will help you better retain information with quick bursts of studying.

The second thing you can use is a pocket sized notebook. Most people use these to quickly record notes, but they can also be used as an object one can quickly pull out and study from. A mini, pocket sized notebook is my favorite tool to study on the go.

traveling to united states

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