Hot air balloon tour – your safety with necessary precautions


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Riding hundreds of feet above the Earth in a hot air balloon can be a real pleasure. However, like all other sports adventure, hot air balloon tour comes with a lot of risks. There are many cases when the hot air balloons crashed and caused the death of riders. So, unless you are very sure about precautionary measures and ensure protection complete, do not go on a tour high heaven. Here are some important safety precautions and checks to do before you hitch of a hot air balloon tour.

safety equipment

each balloon must contain basic safety equipment. Be sure to gather information from reliable sources such as hot air ballooning guides and expert Web sites. At a minimum, you should check if the ball has a spark of on board lighter Flint, parachutes and fire extinguisher. A spark from Flint lighter is used in case the flame that keeps goes floating balloon out mid-flight. The pilot can rekindle the flame and avoid an accident. Fire extinguisher is necessary for obvious reasons. The standard fire extinguisher used in most of the balloons is a type of AB:E 1 kg.

you can also search for a fall line. In several countries, it is a mandatory participation. A fall line is very useful in landing while the pilot cannot lead the effective ball because of the mild wind. As the ball extends the risk of damage of the obstruction on the ground, the ground crew use the fall line abandoned by the pilot during landing to guide the ball away from obstacles on the ground. As a general rule, a fall line is a sturdy rope 30 metre long.


a balloon that is not well-maintained is always dangerous. Regular maintenance is also essential for balloons as it is for the planes. The most fragile part of the ball is its fabric. Tiny rip or tear can lead to disastrous repercussions during the flight. Damage must be repaired immediately.

in addition, before entering a hot air balloon, make sure to check the basket. It should be clean and well organized meticulously. Disorganized baskets are an important indication of poor management and maintenance. Look for stains and dirt to the outside as well. Sometimes, the balls land in muddy or wet areas. In this case, the operator must clean and dry the basket. To ensure a safe landing, the provided pads at the bottom of the basket should be replaced if damaged. Under the Protocol, care and thorough maintenance is required once a year or after 100 hours of flight


when you ride in a hot air balloon, your wit may be your Savior. Be sensitive to the objects around you when you travel. Always keep a watch for power lines, poles and towers that could collide with the ball. Sometimes, the pilot could focus on a particular thing and might not pay much attention to obstacles. Consider it as your personal responsibility to alert the driver in such circumstances.

listen to what we say

before that you take, you are informed of the terms to follow during the flight. These rules are for your own good. Therefore, make sure that you follow their implicitly.

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