Guide to Remove and other Malwares

0 Hijacker

Have you ever got at all of your installed browsers? If not, you are lucky enough. is a browser hijacker that hijacks all your browsers settings according to their. Once, installed by chance, you will be having unwanted advertisements in your explorer, Mozilla, Opera and Chrome browser. is more annoying than harmful and is bundled with enforced stuff eg game icons, adult offers, enforced homepage and enforced search engine. Trust me, once installed you just cannot get rid of it like all other malwares. It will leave you with no choice but to format your system and reinstall your windows.

Who are victims of

Free downloading from 3rd parties with free of cost are the major source of All surfers seeking free tools and software are the potential victims of Mostly IT professionals are the one surfing for free best tools and are the most infected ones. Once installed, it restricts your browsers settings and whatever you do, you just can’t get your original settings back. Pay a careful attention to installation or the bundled malwares will infect your system. Don’t install 3rd party software or always choose custom installation otherwise. once installed, changes your default settings that cannot be restored and thus is meant to remove it manually only. Now let’s go straight to the point. removal Guide

We will remove, all hijacked shortcuts and hijacked browsers by utilizing with three different tools and will double check results with 4th one.

Step 1 Removing via AdwCleaner

Download adwcleaner utility that will scan all your computer and browsers for infected files, registry keys and adware browser extensions. Close all other programs and click the utility to run. Click “Clean” button after scan button. Click ok for reboot.

Step 2 Cleaning all you internet browsers via Junkware

Junkware will wash all browser extensions from internet explorer, Firefox, opera and Chrome and will double check for infected shortcuts. Click downloaded exe and allow it to run. Press any key when command line is opened. After 10 minutes a log will display all infected files and registry keys that has been removed from your system.

Step 3 Cleaning hijacked shortcuts

Now it’s the right time to do some manual work. Though above said utilities had already removed all infected ones but it is always better to double check. Search for desktop, taskbar and start menu shortcut. Right click on pinned short cut (taskbar) >right click on program and click properties. You can unpin short cuts as alternative way and can add them back once path is removed. Here if some shortcut is still infected you will see MyStartSearch”. Even if you found one, it is nothing more than a path. Restore all paths as following. Paths to the execution file are same for both 32 /64 bit windows but with an addition of (x86) after program files for 32 bit windows and is enclosed in “.

Here, the all paths should end on iexplore.exe, chrome.exe, firefox.exe or on launcher.exe for opera. Remove any additional path e.g. “”.

Step 4  Remove with Malwarebytes anti malware utility

This is one of the best freeware utility to hunt down all sort of malwares including rogues, worms, Dialers, Spywares, Trojans, and Rootkits etc. Download and close all programs before installation. Follow the instructions for installation and update Virus signatures. Select Quarantine All / delete when results are shown and you are done. Reboot if system asks for. Repeat this as double check after reboot.

Step 5  Hitman Pro is a good tool to double check

Hitman Pro is a good utility and is specially designed to work with existing security system. Install it with 30 days trial and scan your system. It will scan all your system within 5 minutes. Now you are free of all malwares and malicious soft wares.