Friends of Benefits (PML-N & PPP)


Political Friends

Political parties with mutual interests are usually called friends of benefits. In Pakistan PPP and PML-N have their strings of benefits attached with each other and carries much more priority on public interests. They may play any stunt to attract the public but deep beneath, they both are incompetent, self-centered and securing each other. Public may assume PPP and PML-N as opposite groups but their evenings reveals the truth behind the scenes. A long series of evidences have proven the above said statement. Our today’s article “Friends of benefits” will bring some facts regarding.

More than 1100 died in Karachi

Besides making the provisional government accountable for deaths of more than 1100 citizens in last four days, federal government is stunned. Both provisional and federal governments are avoiding their responsibilities of the incurred situation and are playing their “Blame Game”. It seems deaths of 1100 citizens are nothing to respective governments nor they both have any intentions to stop it. In true democracy, the provisional government is considered as administration at local level. All this set up is meant to address every problem at grass root level. If something goes wrong, federal government have to make the provisional accountable. PML-N will never make Sindh government responsible for the deaths otherwise provisional government will make Punjab government responsible for model town disaster. Strong bonding of mutual interests makes Punjab and Sindh government friends of benefits.

The efforts of federal and Sindh government to restore the situation are nothing more than zero. Abdul Sattar Edhi, Rangers and other private personnel are addressing the situation with their limited available resources. This shows incompetency of PML-N and PPP while shows an evidence of “mutual interests are much bigger than State interests”. Besides blame game, both parties are saving their friends of benefits.

F.I.A role extended for mutual interests

Operation Zarb e Azb by army has launched their 2nd phase of their struggle. The 2nd phase was launched on June 15 2015 and is meant to address financial irregularities, corrupt officers and politicians. Earlier, MQM was blamed for every wrong doing in Karachi and was true to some extend but Rangers has revealed some additional facts. According to their findings none of the parties (both political & religious) in Sindh are clean. All parties are involved in different crimes at different levels while Bilawal House is the central crime partner of every financial corruption. Bilawal House gets the lion’s share in every crime and thus protects the mafias. An E.C.L ban is implemented on more than 117 Sindh government members while many granted ones are behind the bars. To save their skin, most of Sindh government members have flown away to Dubai. The 2nd phase of Zarb e Azb was highly appreciated among citizens of Pakistan and it rapidly restored lost credibility of uniforms. Now federal government has decided to limit the access of joint forces to some initial stages only while rest of operation will be carried out by F.I.A. The said agency is well known for their back kicks and political decisions. By doing so, the 2nd phase of Zarb e Azb will nothing more but a good character issuance authority to the bad guys. All arrested ones will get their clean certificates and a go ahead for some more corruption.

The situation recommends Pakistani citizens have to rise for their rights and state interests. Awareness and accountability are the only true means to break friends of benefits aside.

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