E-Learning: A smarter way of preparation


As they say, Change is the only constant in life. If one is not geared up to adapt to change, there is a great deal of misery in store due to the resistance to something that is inevitable. It applies to all spheres of life. The field of education is also no different. Scores of students are still stuck with the old pattern of studying and are reliant upon coaching centers. With the advent of newer technological options, credibility of online education has got boosted. The benefits of online education are numerous and are equal to renowned printed text materials. Some of the key points on the advantages of online education are as under:

  1. Cost-Saving: A majority of India’s population hails from semi urban or rural locations. As one moves away from the metropolitan cities, the facilities and the amenities reduce drastically. Moreover, one cannot expect someone of modest means to invest heavily in education, especially since it has become so expensive over the years. While the government is making consistent efforts in bringing the reach of free education to the grassroots, it is still something that is left to be desired by the majority of the population. Free online education is a boon for people like this, who now by just owning a internet connection or visiting a community facility can now enhance his/ her learning.
  1. 24 x 7 Assistance: One of the most significant benefits of online study is the fact that you can study anytime, anywhere. As the modern day life style is extremely hectic for everyone, students are seldom able to follow a set study pattern. Sometimes they skip classes or are unable to get their assignments done due to the paucity of time or excess involvement in co-curricular or extra-curricular activities. Online resources provide assistance to such people and they can access anytime free online study material for class 10 cbse to get help on any subject.
  1. No pressure: Some students are hesitant in asking queries or their doubts during their classes. Sometimes they feel pressurized & isolated while sitting &ensconced by intelligent students. Online study can help them to overcome their isolation as they need no longer worry about how well or efficiently other students are learning.
  1. Smarter way of learning: Online learning is a smarter way to grasp the concepts and excel in whatever you study. Not only is it like a 101 session, but you have the privileges of reading the same bit again and again till you understand the concept or are able to arrive at a solution to a numerical.
  1. Comfort & Time saving: As Class X board exam is the most crucial year in student’s life, students are required to keep an eye on the time spent on each activity. Attending tuition classes and extra lectures in the school eat up into a lot of your study time. While the schools and institutions would like to do their bit in gearing up the students for the exams, from an individual perspective one has to assess the efficacy of that activity. Studying online saves you time from travel and others and one is able to put in a more productive use of one’s time.

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