File Download Manager for Android Devices


Download Manager for Android

There are many uses of internet. Some people use the internet for setting up their e-commerce store, some for email communication, and some for VOIP. Along with these usages, we can’t deny files downloading which primary usage is done by almost every internet user.

Current era is the advancement of 3G & 4G Smartphone technologies. Which allow more usage of internet using these Smart phones and Gadgets.

There are tons of download manager’s apps available which make the download more efficient, managed and fast. Here I am going to show some best application for your Android Smartphone.

  1. Advanced Download Manager

Advanced Download Manager is one of the best simple powerful applications to speed up your file downloading. This application split the file in 3 parts and each part provide the certain download speed. You can easily resume your downloads and save them according to your choice in different folders. The files download in background so you can do your other working while downloading. It support download of larger file over 2 GB.

  1. Download Manager

This application quickly downloads different type of files from internet to your Smartphone. Like ADM it split the download file to accelerate the download speed. We can also pause, resume, restart and cancel the download files. This application automatically detects the download files from browser. It also offers to add the link manually to download. It supports many languages like English, French, and Spanish etc.

  1. Loader Droid download manager

This small download application help you to download any file type easy and efficiently. Its user friendly interface offers many options like download progress bar, notification bar and different color themes to select from.

Other features including faster downloading pause and resume the downloading automatically when internet connection lost, schedule downloading and more.

  1. Download Blazer

Download Blazer is easy free download manager for android devices. It boosts your download speed with resume support. It can integrate with almost all browsers. Free version is ad-supported and if you want add-free version you can buy Pro version.

It downloads any file type from web except YouTube video which is prohibited by Google.

  1. Download All Files

Download All Files is a free download manager with almost 15 Million downloads around the globe. It’s easy integration with web browsers allow to download any file format and save the files on your device SD card.

It easily downloads all the Gmail attachment without any difficulties. The free version is ad-supported. It does not work for video streaming due to Google Policy.

  1. Turbo Download Manager

Turbo Download Manager is free application for android devices that boost your download up to 5 times. It uses the multiple connections to accelerate your download speed. Like other application it also support resume interrupted download.

Other features including like background progress of download files, sound notification of download completed, download history etc.