Don’t Trust your Doctor Anymore


Doctors Prescribed Medicines

Death angel blessed a person to live long besides all dangers that appear around him. While crossing the road blindly the person died and death angel excused “sorry boss but was short at my targets”.

Don’t blind trust your doctor but double check the prescribed medicines on internet. Doctor, lawyer and banker are the most trustworthy professions and bucks in your pocket stays them connected. Doctors may call them connected to the holly profession but is not always the case. In Pakistan where lowest figure is allocated to health budget is the good luck fortune for all pharmaceutical companies. This all sale is made via your doctor and (s) he plays a role of commission agent for pharmaceutical industry. Besides charging you for consultation fee, doctors also make handsome amounts though the assigned targets and thus double charge their patients. Doctors and pharmaceutical deals may include but not limited to cash upfront/later rewards, sponsored dinners and abroad visits etc.

Everybody loves free bucks and so does your doctor. Pharmaceutical industries in Pakistan enforce their products by concerned doctors. Doctors make a very handsome chunk by just prescribing their medicines and seem least concerned about formulation and results. Though some credible doctors may keep a bird eye on formulation but still never like to prescribe any without proper deal. Poor patients are overcharged for their share and thus the income can be called unethical. The unethical income turns illegal when a doctor prescribes you medicines that are not required or may bring harm to patient. Absence of price control (practically) committees enable a manufacturer to select a price of their choice while drug authorities play a role of their silent partners. Here the pharmaceutical companies keep all their focus centered on doctors instead of a rightful formulation.

“You cannot sale a single piece of medicine of any quality without doctor’s share” says the pharmaceutical marketing teams. “Customer is the king of the market” is proved wrong by doctors in Pakistan. Here pharmaceutical companies focus on doctors and instead of seeking end user comfort level, are more concerned about doctors. This opens new ways to compromised quality drugs produced from substandard raw materials. Unlike other consumer products, all funds are dedicated to manufacturing, doctors and sale rape teams. The interesting fact is, patient bear cost for all their luxuries and is treated as subject for different new products.

Steroid is the most common prescription in Pakistan. Doctors prescribe steroids for fast results. This on one end attract bulk of patients while make them able to achieve assigned targets. This is unethical, illegal and even fatal practice on Pakistani citizens. In developed countries doctors can never prescribe a harmful or not needed medicine or is sued for palenties. Patient’s double check all side effects on internet before using any drug and thus doctors there are careful about what they are prescribing. Doctor mafia buckles up their shoes in response to any event against their profession mates. Along with checking prescribed medicines on internet, Patients need to double check a doctor’s prescription and findings with other doctors. Remember every drug has side effects but wrong prescription instead of recovery is likely to bring you more harm.

Doctors are more business (wo)man than health professionals and never spears a route to their additional bucks. Pharmaceutical industries high price their products to meet increasing demands of doctors. Doctors share increases as their practice increases. HOD’s of PIMS, Poly clinic and other govt. institutions get PKR 2500 on each treatment while PIMS purchases 30000 & Poly clinic purchases 70000 units per month. A heart surgeon gets PKR 45000 on each stud he installs in patient’s chest additional to his surgery cost. According to recent updates, now pharmaceutical companies are financing MBBS and other higher studies of doctors against agreed future sales.