Different Color Passports – What They Actually Mean


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Have you ever wondered about or noticed the different colored passports that exist in the world? Each and every country has their own color that comes in all kinds of different shades – light gray, sangria red, dark blue, wine red, denim blue, indigo, black, juniper green, emerald or a dark green to name but a few. So what is the reason behind all these shades, and why does each country have a different color?

A passport is the key to travel or visit other countries. In general, passports are red, green, blue, or black. However, the shades are different for every country and so is there value. For eg: US & Syria both have blue color passports but the value of US passport is much higher than Syria.

Reasons behind Passport Colors are:

Geographical Reasons – Countries might use a certain color due to their geographical location.

Political Motive – Passport colors might also be politically motivated.

Religion – The color green is very important to Islamic states. It is said that the Prophet Muhammad favored the color; therefore you will find that most countries in the Middle East and / or Islamic states have green passports.

National Identity – Other nations choose for styles that reflect their individual character and identity.

Representation of Passport Colors:

Blue: The American flag has a significant amount of the color blue in it, and so does the American passport. But only after 1976, before that they were black. It is further considered as the color of the "new world," our oceans, water and the sky – the best color for relaxation and meditation.

Green: The color green has special religious meaning to most Islamic states around the world; therefore most of the Islamic region passports consist of green color. But they are not the only ones; South Africa, Nigeria, and Senegal have green passports as well.

Red: Many of the Nordic countries have red passports, given the fact that red was a popular color during the Viking Age and can be found on many of the national flags. Passport for countries within the European Union also consists of a shade of burgundy.

Black: Black passports are the rarest of the bunch. African nations typically have black passports where black plays a predominant role. The black passport is the one used for people who are traveling on diplomatic missions. Just like the maroon ones, these passports are valid for five years.

Passport colors do have significance. What's your passport color?

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