Under Takers are Outnumbered to Accommodate Deaths by Heat Strokes


Deaths by Heat Strokes

The number of deaths by heat strokes has crossed 800 in last four days in Karachi Pakistan. There is no space in mortuaries, in grave yards and under takers are outnumbered to accommodate 800 deaths. Though the number may suggest but trust me, no unusual changes are recorded in Pakistan climate for more than a decade. The numbers are kept on increasing with correlation of absence of electricity and water supply. Official number suggests that a scheduled load shedding of 20 hours per day is occurring but in reality load shedding is much more increased. “No light and no water supply for more than 72 hours now”many natives reported. No other country with such load shedding can be found in 21th century but Pakistan. Our seasonal and self-centered politicians have pulled us to a situation of unmatched shame. If the situation continues, under takers and resources will always remain out numbered to accommodate innocent deaths by hunger and heat strokes.

Nothing happens over night

The situation faced these days was very much predictable and can even worst in case of no corrective actions taken. Pakistan the country of natural resources and enriched with human resources is pulled back to a complex situation. The credit of all bad happenings goes to PPP and PML-N that knowingly ignored energy sector in their respective tenures. History shows ruling parties are least interested in long term energy projects but are concerned most about their tenure (5 years) only. Both PPP and PML-N ruled Pakistan turn by turn with intervals of martial laws. They both introduced a terminology of compromised opposition to support each other. They politicized Kala Bagh dam project for their own benefits and thus an artificial gap of demand and supply was created. Instead of dealing the situation wisely, it was dealt as business opportunity and thus introduced LPG, CNG and entered into irrational international contracts. Recently Mr. prime minister stopped Basha dam project by saying that we don’t need another dam before 2037. According to a report India is paying 12 billion per annum to delay Kala bagh dam project. This all amount is paid to politicians of Pakistan and concerned authorities. PPP and PML-N should be held responsible for deaths of more than 800 citizens (deaths by heat strokes).

PML-N is never serious about energy projects but their back kicks

This is the 1st time PML-N has diverted their attentions to energy sector. Not for benefit of Pakistan but for the bulk of commissions they can make out of it. The wide range of international agreements was made with fake new born companies. We all know who the owners and hidden partners of the said firms. All this does not proves innocence of PPP but they have also played their part well. PPP allotted all LPG licenses to their party holders. All agreements at their times were executed via Faryal Talpur and Miss Gillani. Reports show that daughter of x Prime Minister Yousef Raza Gillani owned two offices in I-8/3 Islamabad to negotiate every deal and to take her share.

Behind the Scenes

What actually happened in Karachi? Why such disaster of mass death via heat strokes happened? Rangers destroyed mafia’s network in Karachi in their financial zarb e Azb to regulate financial irregularities. More than 150 water tanker Mafias that were artificially supporting water system were captured. This created a big gap between demand and supply of utilities. On other end Pakistan governments are avoiding production of electricity and maintenance. A rise in demand can be observed against declining supply.According to some reports provisional government (Sindh) is involved in creating more gap b/w demand and supply in Karachi. Private hospitals are not till now instructed to deal heat strokes in neither Karachi nor price control is working. Necessary medicines are available on black while price of one water tanker (refill) costs PKR 28000 in Karachi.

According to some analysts Pakistan needs some serious struggles towards energy and utility deficiency or deaths may keep on multiplying each year. “The situation has also revealed weakness of disaster/crises management in Pakistan”. This is the right time for Pakistani citizens to make self-centered leaders accountable and to enforce them for development of energy sector. If not, resources will be always outnumbered to accommodate the dead bodies. This time in Karachi next time can be the whole Pakistan.

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