Hijama (Cupping) The Islamic way of treatment


What is Hijama (Cupping)

Hijama an Arabic word driven from HAJM means “sucking” while Cupping (Hijama) is the process of applying cups on pressure points (human body) by creating vaccum.   Hijama, an ancient way of treatment carries a history of more than 5000 years now.It was practiced and recommended by our beloved prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H). He called hijama the best remedies and said that not a single angel he passed by (at night of Israa) but with recommendation to order Hijama for the whole Ummah (nation). The process is also called cupping therapy. The following are three types of Hijama.

  1. Dry cupping is the process of gathering blood in an area with the help of vacuumed cups but without any incisions ( cuts with surgical knife)
  2. Dry message cupping is same as above but with a little application of olive oil on skin that allows easy movements of vacuumed cups on body. This is applied to stimulate the blood flow in body.
  3. Wet cupping is the process of sucking blood from body through vacuumed cups and is the only recommended practice by Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H). Here blood is gathered and sucked out of body through vacuumed cups while slight cuts are applied via surgical knife. The above two can be called extensions of Hijama.


More than 70% of pains and diseases are caused when proper blood flow is not reaching to every organ/ body cell. The dry cuping and message cupping (hijama) helps to stimulate /accelerate the blood flow and thus cures most of the diseases. The hijama box has instructions and the above two can be self administered, can be processed any time as per requirement. Thai hot stone message uses the same phenomena and is very helpful to relief stress and body pains.

Diseases it cures

Muhammad (P.B.U.H) said “ nothing carries more cure but Hijama and sea herbs”. Hijama cures every disease but if operated properly in time. The Hijama box carries all instructions and diseases with exact pressure points for every disease and thus enables every one to operate at least dry and message cupping.

How does It works

Instruments: flammable fluid or tissue paper, Hijama kit, Surgical knife (sterilized), surgical gloves and local anesthesia.

Hijama has distributed human body in to different 27 pressure points. The hijama has different 34 sized cups for different pressure points. After selecting the right pressure point, vacuum is created via flammable fluid (you don’t need it in new cupping that is equipped with vacuum creating tools in it). Once vacuum is created, the cup is kept on pressure point for 5 minutes. The vacuum sucks all skin in it and thus brings all blood to the surface of skin. Then slight cuts/scratches are applied on skin and once again vacuumed cups are applied to suck the blood for next 5 minutes till clotting. The process is done for once and may be applied multiple times to address any specific disease. The following are precautions to be employed when applying cupping ( hijama).

  1. Use a cup and syringe once only on a single patient and dispose it immediately. In new cupping sets you don’t need flammable fluid to produce vacuum nor you need separate surgical knifes.
  2. Apply local anesthesia on the pressure point before applying cuts.
  3. The surgical knife should be properly sterilized. if not , it will bring more harm than cure.
  4. Patient should not take any eatables for a period of at least 12 hours before treatment.
  5. Blood pressure and debiates should be checked before applying the procedure.