Crime Hugs Glamour


Glamour & Politics

Close ties of glamour with politics and underworld are open secret now. While going through case on model Ayan Ali we see glamour officially hugging crime. Going through the case, one may feel watching a conspiracy theory of Holly Wood but with a difference, in movies hero wins the race. The game was exposed when Ayan Ali was caught red handed in Rawal Lounge of Benazir Airport, Islamabad. She was carrying USD 500,000 in cash with her. Initially she said the amount was handed over to her by Malik Khalid brother of Malik Rehman while Malik Khalid disappeared from the screen. The case carries many twists eg the amount was received against sale of property and that she was not aware of cash carry policy. In her 3rd confession she confessed that the Bahria Town was supposed to receive the amount in foreign. Bahria town denied the statement at initial but on some stages they are expected to own it. Our today’s article “Crime hugs glamour” will reveal the secrets of power play that was staged for model Ayan Ali.

Money laundering case was dropped to currency smuggling when investigation officer of Model Ayan Ali case was murdered. According to official statements, for money laundering case, one must earn and betray taxation system of a country otherwise currency smuggling applies for carriers. Sounds good but the law enforcement agencies must have to sneak out the origin of the crime. Besides tracking the master minds, Pakistan political parties initiated power play to rescue her and the whole system was hijacked. Earlier, she got famous with Mr. Arsalan son of X chief justice Pakistan where he spent more than 100,000 Euros on one single trip for her leisure.

According to Dr. Shahid Masood (political analyst) “Ayan Ali, Saba Qamar and other 28 models were on panel while Ayan Ali alone has served more than 84 trips (USD 500,000*84). Besides of all evidences against Mr. Asif Ali Zardari & Co of PPP, the whole game is staged to release her”. Though PPP denied any strings attached but evidences claimed otherwise. Media tracked her several stays at Bilawal House and phone calls for placement of laundered money. The findings grew to a stage and opened her close relations with Mr. Asif Ali Zardari while her pregnancy (5th trimester) was disclosed on internet only. Mr. Zulfiqar Mirza friend of Mr. Asif Ali Zardari disclosed their close ties and said “Zardari has gifted a flat in tallest building of the world Burj Khalifa, Dubai, UAE.

Recent years has harmed Pakistan integrity where most of P.I.A pilots were caught in smuggling and money laundering but current government of PML N stood still. The journey of illegal money continued where a ship filled of USD was caught by costal guards. The ship was caught with USD 15 billion while on other hand Sharjeel Mimon (PPP) was caught with USD 2 billion. The findings were used to push PPP to the wall only. One may remember, Mr.Asif Ali Zardari traveled around the world to rise USD 10 Million in his times and the illegal amount caught was several hundred times more than he was seeking. Media has secured their views on most of the above said facts while Ayan Ali will get her freedom back soon. According to latest updates her bail has been approved and she flew to Lahore in tight security and in Helicopter.

Through the findings, patriots were expecting accountability and recovery of stolen amounts but time reflected them as “day dreamer only”. Model Ayan Ali case has got more fame than she dreamed and is enjoying her bail in state of the art security on other hand. The jaw dropping and mind blowing facts of this case has suggested that our politicians has no limits. We can expect any unexpected from our corrupt leaders. Through the case, at the moment crime hugs glamour, we should know “might is still right”.

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