Conspiracy Theory and Save the Children


Save the Children NGO

NGO’s and Multinational Corporation have always played a vital role in sketching a conspiracy theory. According to the recent history; NGO’s, Multinational Corporation and consulates are loop holes in National security of any said countries. They are considered as pressure groups to determine internal, external and trade policies of a country. In modern politics, countries are friends of benefits only but when it comes to under developed countries or developing countries, these pressure groups are a part of power play. Recently Internal Minister of Pakistan Mr. Ch. Nisar banned Save the Children for its anti-Pakistan activities. Patriots thought, PML-N after long career are now taking u turn for safety of Pakistan and were happy about it. But the ban was provoked within next 72 hours. Our article “conspiracy theory and Save the Children” will drive you through highlights of the insight stories.

Mr. Ch. Nisar banned Save the Children an international NGO that works in 1/3rd of the world countries. According to Mr. Nisar Save the Children was banned for it’s anti-Pakistan activities planned by USA, Israel and India”. “Many NGO’s are violating there registered activities and assigned territories. We will not tolerate such NGO in our country” further he added. Save the children were mainly accused for hunting down USAMA Bin LADIN in Abbottabad, KPK. The fake vaccination program was directed by CIA, USA while Dr. Shakeel Afridi was also on payroll of save the children and was in close contact to other extremist organizations. Save the children was under surveillance for more than 18 months now. All their communications and activities were monitored by law enforcement agencies. Currently more than 1200 employees (Pakistani Citizens) were working on their pay role. Secret agencies have expended their network (local agent) through all over Pakistan. Many Pakistani citizens intentionally or un intentionally are working for their cause. Project of Pak Pattan, ISD, (CIA Funded, in process) of mining National assembly, Pak information and schedule can be a good example. Professional reporters are unintentionally mining data for their unknown cause.

NGO’s and Multinational Corporation have always their strings attached with secret agencies. Secret agents use their cover and resources to accomplish their missions. Bangkok once denied multinationals to their markets while all Multinational Corporation were willing to operate on their decided terms and conditions. After deny, Multinational Corporation entered to their stock market and invested a lot. After some times when Bangkok stock market was on peak, all MPN’s pulled their investment back. This caused crash of their economy and inflation. Even to buy bread for breakfast one has to take a bag filled of currency. Bangkok authorities requested Multinational Corporation to invest back and Multinational Corporation entered their market with terms and conditions of their choice. After consulate cover, Multinational Corporation and NGO’s are considered the most “disguised freedom” available for agents of developed countries.Multinational Corporation being business organizations; influences trade, internal and external policies of country. WTO (world trade organization) when implemented will crush the economies of developing countries where no country will be spared to implement more than 5% on imports. Here every country if not producing a product will be held accountable to provide raw materials to product producing countries. Quality will be the only derivative of sale. IMF will implement high taxes against their due payments. As result; low production/quality countries or countries with high production cost will shut down their industries.WTO will enforce the said countries to provide raw materials and to purchase the finished products. This will colonize the whole world in almost same pattern as earlier but this time “this is economical”.

All countries accepting grants should keep in mind “in this world of cruel realities nothing is for free…..”

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