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Nanothechnology-Next generation inkjet color printing

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(Nanowerk Spotlight) From dot matrix to 3D, color printing technology has come a long way in the past 40 years. All of these technologies have created colors by using dye inks, which not only limits the technological possibilities and color reproduction but also can be taxing on the environment, especially through the use of toxic ….  Read More

Useful Firefox Developer Tools

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Firefox being “developer’s browser” has many great tools to help make our work easier. You can find more on its tool collection on the Firefox Developer Tools webpage and can also try their Developer Edition Browser which has more features and tools that are being tested. For this post, I’ve listed 10 handy tools you ….  Read More

Guide to Remove and other Malwares

0 commentsTechnologyAdwCleanerbrowser hijackercleaning all you internet browsers via Junkwarecleaning hijacked shortcutsGuide to Remove MyStartSearch.comHitman ProJunkwareMalwarebytes anti malware trojanRemove with Malwarebytes anti malware utilityRemoving via AdwCleanerunwanted advertisementsvictims of Hijacker Have you ever got at all of your installed browsers? If not, you are lucky enough. is a browser hijacker that hijacks all your browsers settings according to their. Once, installed by chance, you will be having unwanted advertisements in your explorer, Mozilla, Opera and Chrome browser. is more annoying ….  Read More

File Download Manager for Android Devices

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Download Manager for Android There are many uses of internet. Some people use the internet for setting up their e-commerce store, some for email communication, and some for VOIP. Along with these usages, we can’t deny files downloading which primary usage is done by almost every internet user. Current era is the advancement of 3G ….  Read More

Inventions Based on the Research Work of Ibn Al Haytham

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Research Work of Ibn Al Haytham He was born in Basra (Iraq) in 965. That time, Basra was a center of education, knowledge and literature in the world. Almuqtadar was caliph fromthe Bannu Abbas’s Government. He got primary education from a religious school. After completion of his education, he joined popular religious scholars and entered ….  Read More

Google Adsense Alternative to Monetize Your Blog

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 Adsense Alternative to Monetize If you are running the blog and you have good traffic on your blog. But you can’t monetize your blog because of Google Adsense didn’t approve your blog or banned your blog for Adsense due to some unexplained issue. Then don’t worry there are many alternative to Google Adsense to monetize ….  Read More

The Evolution of Hacking

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Hacking Evolution Computer Hacking was once the kingdom of curious teenager. But now days it become the main field of government spy agents, professional thieves. Today hacking is all about money. That’s why Chinese hackers stole the blue print of F-35 fighter jet. It is also Russian keep stealing the confidential information of Western Oil ….  Read More

Muslims Ignorance From Future Inventions

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Muslims Ignorance From Future Until year 2000, world was using patrol and gas as a major fuel resource to run vehicles. This trend is gradually changing now days. Hybrid vehicles are available to drive in the world. Europe, USA and Australia are manufacturing electric vehicles in large quantity. Once driver charge its battery the vehicle ….  Read More