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Risk Management and Risk Types

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Risk Management “There is no game without risk” Risk, an important part of life that adds charm to the dull life. We can and as human do try to avoid risks but cannot avoid all. Because some risks brings you fortune, achievements, rewards and progress that cannot be attained without facing risks. Risk management, a ….  Read More

Masters of business administration (MBA) in Pakistan

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MBA Masters of business administration (MBA) one of the elite and desired degree in all countries, is losing its worth in Pakistan. You can find hundreds and thousands of MBA degree holders, seeking odd jobs in market. The interesting fact is. The lucky candidates are happy to serve their employer on PKR 15000 (USD 150) ….  Read More

Good Governance and Corporate Behavior

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Political Environment Good governance plays an important role to develop welfare of society. Considering the each sphere of society, in general society, in political environment or in corporate environment, Good governance plays a key role to build a society. To meet the minimum expectation of society where the available resources are limited, it is obviously ….  Read More

Grow with Real Estate, the Ancient Profession

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Real Estate Real estate, prostitution and Scrap (2nd hand goods or recyclable goods) are the ancient professions and can be called mother of all other business. Prostitution and scrap business although results in greater ROI in comparison but human psychology and social norms puts a barrier to enter in the said industry. Real estate on ….  Read More

Major Online Business and their Categories

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Online Business Internet introduced (to public) in 1990’s has turned world in a global village and thus has unleashed unlimited business opportunities. Internet has removed all business barriers eg geographical, operational time and physical existence cost (fixture cost). Even the guys who thought internet wastage of time are initiating their online business while computer illiterates ….  Read More

Job Hunting Websites and Earnings

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Job Hunting Job hunting websites are the new era of personnel department that helps organizations in publishing (advertisement of posts), screening and selection of potential employment. Job hunting websites are making a lot of revenues against their services as well as from advertisement of organizations. Job hunting websites do not require that much investment (at ….  Read More

HR richness (high population) a Curse or Blessing for Any Country

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“The curse of high population can be a great blessing, if managed well” Human enriched (HR) countries always seem to be in difficult times, troubled with supply and demand of utilities and other necessities. An amazing fact is, underdeveloped countries always seems employing a comparative higher birth rate. Artificial means of birth control are applied ….  Read More

Investment analysis a Perfect Tool

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Investment analysis Investment analysis, the primary function of finance is probably the 2nd most favorite tool of investors. The 1st favorite function is of course, multiplication of their capital. Investment analysis enables an investor to see a vivid picture of future cash flows of any desired project .investment analysis also recommends (with facts & figures) ….  Read More

Difference Between Takaful Vs Insurance

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Takaful Vs Insurance There are number of differences which separate the insurance from takaful. Besides the Islamic concept of halal and haram, various points of views can be compared between takaful and insurance. Aim and Goal Achieve the largest amount of profit is a main goal of insurance company from premium holder’s amount. Achieving security ….  Read More

The Islamic Protection for your Family (Takaful in Pakistan)

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Takaful in Pakistan Pakistan is a golden sparrow for its minerals and others reservoirs. To stabilize economy of Pakistan government is in a process to reshaping the economy to meet the global financial market’s challenges. Pakistani government has formed many regulations to introduce takaful in the country where conventional insurance has taken place in 1972 ….  Read More