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Governance, Ethics, Corporate Behavior and Corporate Reputation

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Corporate Behavior & Reputation Corporate social responsibility and governance are interconnected with each another at broader level. Corporate social responsibility can be defined in a very simply way which is also related to the reputation of business. The social responsibility of business covers the economic, legal, ethical and flexible expectations. Society expects these things from ….  Read More

Budget Process and Human Behavior

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Budget Process Normally budget is comprises of all segments required by any business. Each segment of budget depicts its representation throughout the process. Senior committee of business organizations take care of this regard. Any budget depends on the related information provided by each unit of organization. All units inform senior committee for the available resources ….  Read More

How to Plan Risk Management for Various Projects

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Plan Risk Management for Various Projects Risk management is the process of conducting risk management activities for a project. This ensures the degree, visibility and type of risk management. It relates risks with the importance of project for any organization. Risk management preparation is important task during whole project life cycle. This task is important ….  Read More

Budget Stages and its Modification

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Budget Stages Budgets usually relate specific upcoming stages of time. It contains a fiscal reporting year or a normal business cycle. For example, a car manufacturer may release the 20 x 8 models in the middle of 20 x 7. In this scenario, the sequence may be more logically support to evaluate the introduction year ….  Read More

Foreign Exchange Risk, Appreciation and Depreciation

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Foreign Exchange Risk At first glance it may seem irrelevant which way an exchange rate is expressed. However, it is important because the words appreciation and depreciation of a currency are used in the market. This may be confusing if the wrong method is used. An illustration may explain the afore said statement Suppose that ….  Read More

Horror Stories of ERP after Implementation

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ERP Characteristics ERP characteristics data integration and support for best practices can be beneficial for organizations that implement ERP. However, there are also ERP horror stories, examples of ERP implementation. This cost more than ever expected. This even endangered the continuity of organization that attempted to implement ERP Horror Stories A well known horror story ….  Read More

Key Strategies for the Successful Networking in Business

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Successful Networking in Business Business can come from the most unlikely places such as meeting a vice president of major corporations on the tennis court or having a magazine publisher in the audience while making a presentation. The more active and visible your are the more contacts you will make. To improve networking, Jump at ….  Read More

Anatomy of a Project with Respect to Different Phases

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Phases of Every Project There are three phases to every project we undertake. Beside a project size, either small or large, we will divide it in three phases. The planning stage, the building stage and delivered stage. In the delivered stage of a project, product or service is actually handover to client. Planning takes the ….  Read More

Response to the Risks in Project Management

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Risks in Project Management Once collecting all the data about risks, this normally occurs once. Project manager is a key person to assess the risks and take decision about its sensitivity. There are following major ways to response the risks occurred in projects. Those habits are mitigating the risks, avoid the risks, transfer the risks, ….  Read More