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Best Medical Equipment recycling in California

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Medical equipment is a broad term that covers many different pieces of equipment used in healthcare facilities. Lift chairs, wheelchairs, grab bars, blood pressure kits, heart monitors, EEG equipment – these are only some of the pieces of equipment used there. As you can see, some of them are electrical/electronic while others are not. Regardless ….  Read More

Don’t Trust your Doctor Anymore

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Doctors Prescribed Medicines Death angel blessed a person to live long besides all dangers that appear around him. While crossing the road blindly the person died and death angel excused “sorry boss but was short at my targets”. Don’t blind trust your doctor but double check the prescribed medicines on internet. Doctor, lawyer and banker ….  Read More

Medical Tips for Heat Stroke

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Heat Stroke Tips Heat stroke killed more than 1100 persons in Karachi in last couple of days. Each day brings an increment to the number of deaths while government has no answer for the disaster. The reader should know, no unusual changes in Pakistan climate been recorded for last few decades. The reason for mass ….  Read More

Skin Care – Glow your Skin with Natural Toners

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Skin Care Skin, the very 1st impression factor in non verbal communication and can result in wonders. A Natural glowing toned skin is a precious gift of Heaven but one must have to take a good care of it. On other hand, most of us with stressed routine and dusty environment need to do extra ….  Read More

Pakistan Consumer Market and illegal Profits

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Expired Goods Do you know?,90% of cosmetics goods and food items imported and distributed in Pakistan are out of date (expired). Importing companies purchases near to expiry stocks on least possible prices, ship it to Pakistan where date stamps are revised. The items with revised date (showing fresh manufactured) stamps are distributed through different channels ….  Read More

What are Breastfeeding benefits for baby / infant health?

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Breastfeeding benefits American College of Obstetricians & Gynecologists, (AAP) American Academy of Pediatrics and different local authorities (concerned) strongly recommends breast feeding. According to them breastfeeding is a care and cure for both maternal and baby health. In our following article we will high light the benefits of breastfeeding respectively for both child and mother ….  Read More

Hijama (Cupping) The Islamic way of treatment

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What is Hijama (Cupping) Hijama an Arabic word driven from HAJM means “sucking” while Cupping (Hijama) is the process of applying cups on pressure points (human body) by creating vaccum.   Hijama, an ancient way of treatment carries a history of more than 5000 years now.It was practiced and recommended by our beloved prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H). ….  Read More

Organic Food Benefits & its Production

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Organic Food The word organic means cent percent natural product where no addictives or no artificial amendments are made at any stage of producing the said. It means no alterations are done with seeds, no artificial fertilizers are added to the soil and no sprays are availed for prevention of corps. USA organic standards allows ….  Read More

Include Pickle in your Breakfast and never Diet again

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Pickle in Breakfast You may have come across with articles claiming some alien strange things to eat and never diet again. The things that you can never find on at least planet earth with no scientific research and no evidences of the results. Those articles are mean to just receive visitors by fooling them. Besides ….  Read More

Weight Loss Diet Plan with Immediate Results and no Side Effects

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Weight Loss Diet Plan Over weight is the biggest health issue and can be called “mother of all diseases” in our modern life. A major portion of world population is not conscious about their intakes quantity and its quality. The junk food they are taking needs daily exercises to burn each additional calorie. A general ….  Read More