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Crime Hugs Glamour

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Glamour & Politics Close ties of glamour with politics and underworld are open secret now. While going through case on model Ayan Ali we see glamour officially hugging crime. Going through the case, one may feel watching a conspiracy theory of Holly Wood but with a difference, in movies hero wins the race. The game ….  Read More

“Don’t Invest in Our Country “Says Ishaq Dar

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Mr 0.6 % Ishaq Dar Ishaq Dar says don’t invest in our country and promotes black money in Pakistan. The unmatched master piece of Ishaq Dar is expected to block foreign (individual) investments, will discourage lawful financial transactions and thus resulting in bulk black money. Proposing a budget is a much serious and time consuming ….  Read More

Imran Khan (PTI) Buried Under his Own Vision

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Imran Khan (PTI) PTI, touching the skies of popularity over nightly, seems to compromise its vision. PTI being the rising star is a magnet attracting important members of other political groups. PPP leaders are joining PTI while it is assumed that PML-N members will join the party on their decline. PPP is at her decline ….  Read More

C-24 Turns Millions into 2nd class Canadian Citizens Overnight

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C-24 Bill Canada, the land of opportunities for many, has turned millions into 2nd class citizens. This overnight change has impacted millions including fresh immigrants, seasonal immigrants, skilled workers and investors. The new bill C-24 pending from last year came into enforcement and blown many heads. Unusual and un expected bill C-24 has even turned ….  Read More

Friends of Benefits (PML-N & PPP)

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Political Friends Political parties with mutual interests are usually called friends of benefits. In Pakistan PPP and PML-N have their strings of benefits attached with each other and carries much more priority on public interests. They may play any stunt to attract the public but deep beneath, they both are incompetent, self-centered and securing each ….  Read More

Under Takers are Outnumbered to Accommodate Deaths by Heat Strokes

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Deaths by Heat Strokes The number of deaths by heat strokes has crossed 800 in last four days in Karachi Pakistan. There is no space in mortuaries, in grave yards and under takers are outnumbered to accommodate 800 deaths. Though the number may suggest but trust me, no unusual changes are recorded in Pakistan climate ….  Read More

Political Diversions and Eye Wash

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Political Diversions Political diversions and eye wash are the bible of all world governments but Pakistan government had a track record of going beyond limits. Just like illusionists Pakistan government has many handy tricks for political diversions and to eye wash of the concerned citizens. It seems this is the only inherited and shared quality ….  Read More

Conspiracy Theory and Save the Children

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Save the Children NGO NGO’s and Multinational Corporation have always played a vital role in sketching a conspiracy theory. According to the recent history; NGO’s, Multinational Corporation and consulates are loop holes in National security of any said countries. They are considered as pressure groups to determine internal, external and trade policies of a country. ….  Read More

PML-N Imposed 10% Tax on Remittances to Pakistan

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Tax on Remittances PML-N imposed 10% tax on remittances to Pakistan. This is the last option expected from any rational government but we are talking about PML-N. The incompetent PML-N machinery when implementing something, should at least seek some guidance from relevant experts. According to a state bank official “Pakistan internal economical structure has collapsed ….  Read More

Pakistan is Good Country to Rule but the Worst to Live

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Good Country to Rule “Pakistan is good country to rule but the worst to live” according to senior reporter and analyst Haroon Ur Rasheed “these are the words of Mr. Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif”. No doubt, Pakistan a country of dump and blinds is good to rule; this is what we citizens of Pakistan have ….  Read More