Careers in Safety Engineering and Professional Certifications


Safety Engineering

Increased risks and industrial revolution has boosted demand of safety engineering. Safety engineering is an umbrella under which a project is executed. In short, Safety engineering is the branch of safety that makes the working environment comfortable and danger free by addressing all project risks and natural risks. This field of engineering mainly focuses on keeping the work force active, aware and equipped against all associated risks at working site. The engineer assures all safety measure been taken care of while the risks may include but not limited to address the risks by nature, environment and project related risks. The increased demand in the field has initiated demand of safety professionals and due certifications. Nor a single mining, rigging and skyscraper building site can be initiated without safety professionals neither daily work routine. It is the duty of safety engineer to ensure a danger free environment while at same time (s) he is responsible to address any situation. The minimum initial salary for a safety engineer equals AED 8000 per month plus other benefits. The need of safety measures is exclusively at mining and rigging sites both onshore and offshore. The following are national and international safety certifications and diplomas to boost your career.

Safety engineering local Certification

This is a two years certification by vocational training bodies. The outlines of the said course are carefully selected and approved by vocational training board. As most of the vocational trainings, the course can be taken as distance learning or in evening, what so ever is feasible. The course promises at least entry level job in safety engineering industry. NEBOSH, OSHA and EU-OSHA are professional certifications and do not need specifically two years to clear.


Abbreviation of National Examination Board in Occupational Safety and Health; is United Kingdom based independent examination board. The board delivers vocational trainings in health, safety, management and environmental practices focusing on associated environmental risks and project related risks. NEBOSH founded in 1979 with charitable status offers a vast range of qualifications from beginners to professional level. Around 180K people hold a NEBOSH qualification worldwide; ISO 9001 certified and maintains Investors in people (IIP) status. Instead of delivering courses; it develops syllabuses and methodology of assessment that are delivered by affiliated course providers. Nebosh is one of the most desired safety courses that attract over 30,000 candidates every year. NEBOSH with 400 course providers is offered in 33 countries and recognized by relevant professional membership bodies IOSH, IIRSM and EEMA.


Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) ; an agency of United States department of Labor was established under occupational Safety and Health Act on Dect 29, 1970. OSHA is American standard of safety and health and thus can be called 2nd most desired course of the field.


As name suggests; this is European standard of safety and health management.EU-OSHA manage safety on research based analysis driven results and offers a wide range of different certifications from introductory to advanced learning level.


All above NEBOSH, OSHA and EU-OSHA are different approaches to same safety measurement and health care. Although all; carries same impacts but to be on safe side a candidate must have to dig out what standards are applicable in a country he wishes to practice? All said standards offers different depths of safety measure and health according to candidate knowledge needs.

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