What are Breastfeeding benefits for baby / infant health?


Breastfeeding benefits

American College of Obstetricians & Gynecologists, (AAP) American Academy of Pediatrics and different local authorities (concerned) strongly recommends breast feeding. According to them breastfeeding is a care and cure for both maternal and baby health. In our following article we will high light the benefits of breastfeeding respectively for both child and mother along with socioeconomic benefits for parent.

What are Breastfeeding benefits for baby / infant health?

Breastfeeding/ mother milk is the gift of nature that welcomes a baby. The ideal nutrition (for infants) is composed of a prefect mix of proteins, fats and vitamins. The easily digestible (than formula milk) addresses every necessities (for growth) that a baby needs. (IGA) in ever 1st maternal milk contains high rate of antibodies that helps him to fight against viruses and bacteria. It lowers risk of asthma and allergies. The contagious breastfeeding for six months (without formula milk) enables a baby to have fewer respiratory illness, ear infection diarrhea bouts.

Studies suggest that a premature baby have more IQ level than normal ones. This happens with breastfeeding for longer period of time. Breastfeeding enables a baby to gain the right weight instead of being over weighted. AAP suggests breastfeeding decreases the ratio of SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome). More research in the said field may drive new vision that will enable us to see beyond the current developments.

The following are the highlighted features/ benefits of breastfeeding for baby

  1. Mother milk carries antibodies (IGA) to for increased immunity of infant.
  2. Naturally balanced food contains everything that a baby needs to survive and grow.
  3. Hygienic diet, you don’t have to take any extra precautions while breastfeeding your baby
  4. Diet on normal required temperature.
  5. Helps cognitive development gain increase with the help of duration of breast feeding
  6. Reduced Morbidity
  7. Analgesic effect for baby

What are Breastfeeding Benefits for maternal (mother) health?

Mothers are also beneficiaries of the breastfeeding. The following are major benefits of breastfeeding for maternal health.

  1. Strong bonding with their infants- skin to skin touch
  2. Prevents breast ,ovarian cancers and lowers risk of osteoporosis
  3. Decreases further pregnancies: studies suggest breastfeeding “ A Natural birth controlling technique” . Breastfeeding (after every two hours) may prevent further pregnancies for more than one year and beyond but it varies from body to body.
  4. Reduces weight by using stores (extra calories)
  5. By releasing Oxytocin hormone it stimulates uterus and returns it to pre pregnancy size. It also helps the reduced (uterine) blood loss after pregnancy.

Socioeconomic benefits

  1. Affordable: breastfeeding is economical and saves time. You don’t need to buy costly formula milk, don’t have to sterilize the nipples, don’t need to maintain temperature but all you need to have balance healthy diet and breastfeed your baby.
  2. Healthy nation: Breastfeeding along with reducing budget also results in forming a healthy nation.

The cases when breastfeeding is avoided.

  1. Self consciousness where mother is figure conscious or having fear of pain (psychological fear)
  2. Valid reasoning to avoid breast feeding
    1. Job description / odd jobs: Most of hospitality jobs prevents mothers to breastfeed their babies. The best examples can be hostess, Doctors, nurses, waitress and maids.
    2. Maslitis, cleft palat/lip, HIV, Hep B/C, Let down failure, Maternal medications , Galactosemia, infant allergies