Bermuda Weather – Best and Worst Months to Go


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The average Bermuda weather is what attracts most tourists to this island paradise – not too hot, not too cold. Located just 600 miles east of North Carolina, Bermuda shares the same seasons as the United States but with much milder seasonal changes.

Just as the winter months are the coldest in the U.S., they are also coldest in Bermuda. The exception being their average winter low is only 60 degrees.

With sea temperatures averaging in the mid-60s and too cold for swimming, the weather is still mild enough for the many tourist attractions that Bermuda has to offer. There’s nothing like a mild winter day to enjoy strolling the cobbled streets of historic St. George, visiting centuries-old churches or touring the working lighthouses.

Bermuda Temperatures
The average daily high temperature is in the high 60s in January through March and in the 70s in April and May.

Summertime brings beautiful sunny weather but with the cool ocean breezes and the highs averaging only in the 80s you won’t face any stifling hot days. While August is the warmest month and a favorite time for tourists to enjoy the pristine beaches, it is still a pleasant 86 degrees. Warm enough to bask in the sun, yet not too hot to enjoy being outside.

Bermuda weather in June, July, and August make them the favorite months to visit with mild daytime average temperatures of 84 and nighttime temperatures of 75 degrees. This is the most popular time for tourists to hit the beaches of Bermuda and enjoy snorkeling, sailing, scuba diving, or simply savoring the sun.

Average high temperatures stay in the mid-80s during September, then drop into the 70s from October through December.

Sea temperatures reach the low 80s in July through September, making those months ideal for swimming and lying on the beach.

Bermuda Rain
The island has rain about 15 days each month give or take a few. The low point for total rain is May, which makes it the ideal month for Bermuda’s famous golf courses.

The amount of rain averages less than five inches a month throughout the year. It starts to climb in June and hits a high of more than six inches in October during the peak of the Caribbean hurricane season.

It drops back down to normal levels in November.

Because of the weather in Bermuda, it’s possible to enjoy vacationing year-round on the island. When you visit all depends on what your favorite Bermuda attractions are and what temperatures you prefer. With the average Bermuda weather being so mild, the choice is up to you.

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