9 Suggestions To Bring down website Launching time


There are many ways to examine the landing speed of your blog or website, here i mention few my best program which everyone can easily examine blog time frame speed as well as can enhance performance.

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1. Don’t Apply Unnecessary JavaScript Coding:

Stop using unneeded JavaScript coding in blog it makes page load time slow Because that is very much large coding as well as may impact blog load time through a great margin. Most of newbie blog writers and website owners utilize unnecessary icons inside their blog sidebar that is seriously harmful.

2. Choose Your Blog Template Wisely:

Pick a clean and SEO friendly template that can be an awesome decision for blog. Just before picking a blog style make sure that JavaScript usage not really too much and don’t select such sort of site template that is previously above designed.

3. Minimum Quantity Of Article On Blog Home Page:

Don’t display too much content on web site homepage due to the fact it may possibility impact as well as allows to raise loading time. Usually try to display 5 to 8 content on homepage for greater SEO position. If your website load quicker than absolutely viewers will stay and happy. So avoid showing too much articles.

4. Eliminate Too Much Optimize Graphics in A Single Article:

Appropriate pictures in a single post is obviously play essential role for improve SEO rating. But make sure 3 to 4 images is sufficient in a single post. Eliminate too much use images per post because every picture has use isolate storage area capacity.

5. Apply Resize Pictures:

Don’t neglect to resize website photos with any resize picture editor. Always Make use of JPG photos because JPG photos uses much less volume memory as compare to other graphics formats. To resize graphics use Photoscap or Photoshop.

6. Reduce To Present Too Many Promotions On Blog:

I have seen most of starter blog writers enroll in several CPC networks program and implement all promotions within their site which ads banner coded using JavaScript that full of use large size storage and can slow blog launching speed which is poor impact for SEO rating. So please don’t use to several advertisements.

7. Avoid to Display Popup Promotions:

There are hundreds of blog sites which are is present in Google search engine who are show popup advertisements inside their site to improve earning. However as I proposed, It is a negative method to improve profits. I have viewed several time that such websites are not loaded, Although it is hang by popup promoting campaign. Therefore totally prevent to display it.

8. Eliminate To Use Unwanted External Hyperlinks:

In case you are using statistics counters widget to verify site page views as well as also use website welcome widget inside blog site. You may use Google analytic resources rather of stats counters widget and you have to reduce unneeded website welcome widget into blog.

9. Avoid to Using Unwanted Social Media Buttons:

Social media buttons is most necessary which assists site to maximize site visitors. Social media sites also help us to connect with world. But you may remove unnecessary social media buttons.


At this point you can use these guidelines to boost your site position and also increase website loading speed.


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