7 Tips for Career Building


Career Building can be very exciting as it opens an opportunity window to reshape your desired life where you can be the only master of your life. Sometimes, in absence of some technical skills, it can be a bit scary where you don’t what to do and how to earn a living. The more you monitor your process, the better you do. The following are vital tips that help you in building your desired career.

  1. Discipline and values

“Core principles of disciplined life with a key set of values leads to success”

Set some values and have a disciplined life under some core principles. This is mandatory and plays a very important role in getting success. It keeps you dedicated and on a single track of success. The more nearer to your milestone, the more you will believe in.

  1. SWOT analysis

“The best judge lies within you for your actions”

Here you will find strengths and weakness within you while exploring opportunities and threats around you. Refining your strengths will compensate your weakness in a way that it eventually becomes your strength. Explore opportunities around you but don’t jump straight on it because every opportunity has its cost. Threats can be the obstacles to keep you away from availing these opportunities. Make SMART goals and chase them with full dedication.

 S                                Specific

M                               Measurable

A                                Attainable

R                                Realistic/Reachable

T                                Time bound

  1. Choose career within your interests

“All successful people love their occupation”

Try to dig out all your interest and choose at what you are best. It can be photography, Cricket, football or anything of your choice that you can adopt for your professional career. Trust me, if you love what you are doing, you will be grooming day by day in it.

  1. Life style

Pick a life style of your choice and check your finances. It will give you an idea how much money you need to get the life style of your desires and how much you will need to maintain it? This will also help you choosing your line of direction and your career. Two major life styles are quantitative and qualitative. If you choose the first one where you need everything in bulk, buckle up you need a lot to do. In 2nd choice you just need a healthy living with quality time with your family and friends. Here you need just to work enough while rest of time is yours.

  1. Plan an execution

Now plan your career in light of the above. You have to consider each one of the above to plan your career. Take different career options into account and choose one. When selected, it is the time to execute it. Remember a worst plan with better execution may result good but best plans with worst execution will pull you in messy situation. Difference exists in planned and actual performance but with corrective actions you can keep yourself on track.

  1. Update your skills time to time

Living in this world of dynamics you must have to keep your knowledge updated. Search and acquire new related skills and implement them to furnish your performance. This will also give you an edge over your competitors and will keep you specialized your field.

  1. Grow your social circles

“Best opportunities are output of your social circles”

Share your experiences and expertise with your social circles in physical life and online as well. This   may bring you additional opportunities. Update your resume with job hunting web sites but keep it to reality only. Choose a professional template for your CV. Remember your CV should reflect your exact personality and the skills you posses.

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