7 big ideas for one farewell gift traveling


traveling backpack

a friend or a family member is about to go traveling across the country or abroad. They could travel anywhere between an adventure of 3 months or a few years, a trip of a lifetime. No matter how long they’re going for, you want to give them something special as a gift. This could be very difficult because they need usually to carry relatively light for more mobility and need to adapt both in their luggage as they can. The fact that the travel companies have restrictions strict luggage must also be considered.

here are 7 ideas for great farewell gifts that can help find that perfect gift for the traveler.

cover document
a document portfolio is certainly something they need. It keeps the travel documents such as a passport, travel tickets, itineraries and visa formalities, all in the same place. They will have no trouble finding when they most need.

set of luggage or Backpack
depending on the type of trip that they do, a set of luggage or a backpack is an obvious gift. A backpack is ideal for day trips, hiking trips and extreme adventures, then a set of luggage fits in most other travel destinations.

, that a camera would be appreciated as travelers would take a lot of photos on their trip to document their memories and show their families and friends at home. A good idea is to also include piles of spare or memory thanks to this donation cards.

browse the Journal
if the gift recipient like to write, then a travel journal is an ideal element. It allows them to record their thoughts and their activities on their trip. There are many styles and designs available, and you can choose the one that fits their personality. To have customized it with their name would make it even more special.

Lonely Planet Destination book
with so many websites for each destination, a book that lists all the attractions and places to eat, stay and shop, is an ideal gift for travelers. Lonely Planet is well known for the publication of books for a wide range of world destinations. The traveler can carry on their daily commute of the site – see.

for those travelers who are voracious readers, it would be a highly desired item. They can’t put their books with them so an element that allows them to search and store their books in one device, is a dream. The Kindle weighs much less than a bag full of books and have more titles than a local library to the choice.

toilet kits Essentials
a perfect gift for those on a budget is essential toiletries. This may include a toilet bag of toiletries in size of travel such as body wash, shampoo and conditioner, toothpaste, deodorant sunblock, lotion for the body and mouthwash. Because they would have to buy these items later, which gives as a farewell gift, will save you time and hassle.

here are the 7 ideas for simple gifts that you can give to someone who is travelling. They are useful and well thought and make sure that the traveler packs light. If you’ve ever travelled, you know some of the potential problems encountered. Save them to carry heavy luggage, help locate documents easily and find good places to eat and stay.

traveling backpack