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traveling to mexico

I went to see someone called El Maestro, or El Maestro Constantino, the week last in the Valley of wine closer to home in Baja. People feel very strongly about this spiritual healer. A lot of advertising went out to let everyone know locally on arrival. He had been here one day in January, but I couldn’t go at this time. I thought it would be a matter of day all that indeed it was. Constantino returned for another three days in February, due to popular demand. It was his vocation, he was called to come back. Some people meet every chance they get. Some of my friends are volunteers because they believe in him, so much. A friend told people who could now see, or stand up and walk after years of being in a wheelchair rolling. One of the volunteers follows him around to the Mexico as she was one of his great successes. She had been in a wheelchair for fourteen years. She had tried many treatments without success until you see El Maestro.

one of the volunteers is my friend Jo Ann that concerns me these stories by email:

‘a friend of Janet went to see the Maestro. She recently had a 10-hour operation to remove a tumor at the top of his spine. The doctors could not remove all and recommended chemotherapy. After having seen the master, she lived the pain on his left side and went to the emergency room. They did an MRI and the tumor disappeared.

or by Judie. She was part of the group Friday wine and makes jewelry. It has been a long time now. She had tinnitus, ringing in ears… disappeared. She took her 90 a few year old husband in a wheelchair rolling and it is a pain in the legs and is in a few… dunno what else. Taken from Margo and pain in shoulder (it was dislocated) disappeared and she walked. (Margo suffered horribly for the years of fibromyalgia. She’s afraid of falling. She can’t wait to go back. The stories go.

the sister of his close friend, Coleen, named Barbara who was legally blind can now thread a needle. “

I told one of my friends in the past, even if I had a ride from someone in La Mision where I live. The van would have been a little too full with my friend. Rocky had three different friends of his attempt to convince him that this might be a good idea. As it is a kind of spirit and curious open, that appealed to him. Most of the people have medical or psychological problems with which they would like to help. So we left at 10:30 in the morning on Wednesday to see a faith healer to the Casa Viejas wine Valley.

it was a pretty nice day for a trip and we did it to the event in about half an hour or more. The healer was supposed to happen between twelve and the other, but many people got there early to get into the first group. We were seated most of the time of arrival. Given slips of paper to fill out with some basic information such as the place where we lived, our concerns and our contact numbers and email addresses.

it was a well organised event with just the right amount of volunteers. Taken as the first piece in a group of thirty-seven people, we have had a few testimonials from past participants. We have also heard on the beliefs of the El Maestro as a simple diet, alcohol and no drugs of any kind. Not to eat meat was stressed. It has only two sets of clothes, simple white pants and shirt, with a long poncho of a beige soft material on his clothes. It was a slightly chilly day in the shade. He stays with people, so it doesn’t have something other than clean clothes. On the one hand, I saw a fairly simple gold ring. Her hair was tied back with headbands which have been embroidered in dark colors. I couldn’t tell how long his hair could have, but I guess that it’s dark and of medium length. He was wearing a white scarf tied around his mouth and head.

we were sent in a palapa nearby that could accommodate two circles of thirty seven people. We asked to be patient and centered around the peaceful thoughts of ourselves. Some talk going on before the arrival of the healer. When it appeared all went quiet. Told us that he would come and see us one by one. We should all hold hand. He said to look in the eyes when he stood before us, but do not touch. Our chairs were always behind us when we all were raised in greeting. A spotter would held behind each Chair as he approached so we couldn’t fall. I couldn’t wait to be touched by his powerful enough presence of healing. I think that his personal being is a channel to a higher power. El Maestro looks in your eyes and then more often touch the center of your chest with an a little energetic movement with a finger. This is to open the heart. Most of the people have fallen into their seats for the contact. If your disease refers to the market, then you have been ordered to walk around the circle, after being hit. A man arrived on crutches and toured the very steep circle without them. Everyone paid him more respectful attention.

some people exclaimed, although not very many. I was one of those who responded. I get emotional at such things, getting same teary eyed in church a few times. He looked in my eyes with its close intense Greens. He asked me what were my concerns, and they are translated into Spanish. I wanted assistance with uterine fibroids that I’ve had for a decade. Conventional medicine would have me get a hysterectomy. I also have a small lesion on the left side of my nose. He went away slowly for about four months now. He spent a good amount of time with me, even put his hands on the front of my lower abdomen and singing. I was invited by the volunteer if it was something else and I replied that Yes, I am without income for the time which causes a lot of stress.

we were told that a cure is not always instantaneous, it may be a process that is now underway that we met a such a powerful healing force in the spiritual presence of Constantino. A white box passed in circles before we left for donations to help El Maestro with his fresh trip and favorite charitable organizations. No suggested quantity. Then we each received a piece of paper with simple instructions for our organs of detoxification for the next fortnight. For most vegetables and fruits. Without caffeine, alcohol, salt, sugar or refined from pasta or white rice. No medication of any kind. The type of plan that very few people can handle it as it is so restrictive. No meat because it is bought aggressively. He lives that way all the time himself and recommends that everyone noted his principles for a less aggressive and healthier world. It is probably correct, but the only people I know who can follow this diet live in monasteries or spend a week in a spa to be cleaned. My point here is that when you see other people eat what they want, it is much more difficult to stay on such a regime without a very strong will.

as for me, so far the lesion on my nose is almost completely gone. I attribute this to the power of El Maestro as the speed of healing has increased. I will continue to believe that fibroids are gone until I can get an ultrasound to check. Regarding lack of income, which took in charge perfectly the next day.

I can say that I am really a fan of Constantino, El Maestro, the powerful spiritual healer. The man, who has mysterious reputation to be nowhere

traveling to mexico

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