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I’m willing to bet that your camping experience is only as good as your tent is. Think about it If you have a tent that leaks and you wake up with everything in the tent all wet from the rain – then, most likely, you will not enjoy camping out. So, this article will let you in on some helpful hints about tents and camping. Though this article was written in 2005, this is the current update in 2015.

Back to Nature:

Camping is about one of the least expensive vacations that you can take – no. matter where you live. And it can do for you, something that hardly any other vacation can do for you and for your family It brings you back to nature, and lets you experience peace in your very present time. That is camping. If you choose a state park or state forest as your campsite rental, you will see nature like you have never seen it before. You might see raccoons, all spells of birds and little animals, chipmunks, rabbits and more. If you are not careful you might have your first bear experience and hopefully, you will come out of it okay. Goal you will, without a doubt be close to nature as you ever will be.

There are different brand names for tents and different types of tents. Everyone has their own preferences.

First, I have to say, my happiest and best camping days have been while using a Eureka tent. They are just made with the camper in mind. Your tent does have a nice screen window with a plastic flap – for rain? If you choose your tent correctly, you will have year awesome camping experience. A large share of joy in camping is having fun setting up the tent. If you do not enjoy setting your tent up – you simply have the wrong kind of tent. You may have spent just a few dollars for your tent, you might have gotten a bargain but you will know your value as you take it out and set it up. I say this from experience, and from having put up all spells of tents from solo tents, backpacking tents, individual tents, family tents. Yes, I have put up a family-size tent, myself – with no. assistance, and had fun doing it. And just one company makes this possible. Eureka! I absolutely love the Tetragon series of Eureka tents. You cannot go wrong with this tent. The Tetragon 9 is a beautiful tent that has side windows that are net. And the fly of the tent has plastic inserts that cover the side windows in case of rain. The beauty of a tent is being able to look outdoors from the inside and still be able to be dry in a downpour. Ahh, that special beauty of seeing the forest or the park through your tent windows as the rain is pouring down outside. That is Eureka! It is just a convenient, joyful, easy-to-assemble tent. Best Eureka Eureka Tetragon 9 was but 8 is the one that is still available. If this is your very first camping experience, I suggest that you find someone to camp out with. Sharing year experience with someone does making out camping – more fun, and sometimes, easier.

Weather decide Which Tent You Need:

When trying to decide which tent to purchase, the camp needs to know where he will camp out first, the time he will camp out, and the weather circumstances, and a few other things. For beginners, if you do not want to spend a few extra dollars buying a Eureka tent, you can opt for the cheaper versions of small tents just to see how you like camping. Try any tent. But I guarantee you, if you want year awesome experience, even as a beginner, you might do better with a Eureka. Here is year idea, instead of spending big bucks on year expensive tent of some other name, check out eBay or some other used-items stores and purchase your tent used instead of new. This way you can afford Eureka for your first tent and then you can upgrade later if you really insist on having a brand new tent.

Beginners’ Tents:

During my experimentation with many different kinds of tents, I’ve found that the best beginners’ tent is a very inexpensive one that is usually available, in season, at Target stores. The tent is called the Expedition Trail Authority tent. “If you purchase this tent ‘ off – season” you can pick it up for under nineteen dollars. The tent area on the floor is seven feet by seven feet, so that’s plenty space for one or two people. This tent is easily set up. You don’t need two people to set it up because the tent center height is at a reasonable height. All you do is assemble the shock-corded poles and install them. Stake your tent down. Add the tent fly, and you are ready to go. When using this tent, I use year inexpensive waterproof tarp under the tent, and another inexpensive waterproof tarp over the tent. Now, I’m set for all kinds of weather camping.

Large Family Tents Home leave:

I’ve found that if you want to have a pleasant, non-working camping experience, you’ll need to leave the large tents and the family tents back at the house or in the garage. Those larger tents, though they afford more room and more center height, are not fun to put together. And, windy day, they are almost impossible for one person to put them together. So, the smaller you go, the better you’ll feel and the best and most carefree camping experience you’ll have. Use two or three smaller tents for the family and you will all have more fun and much nicer trip.

RAIN? Keep Your Camping Reservation:

Here is another camping tip. Never cancel a camping trip just because you hear that it will rain. The weather will probably be fine for at least some of your trip days. So keep your planned trip. Camp in all kinds of weather if you are physically able to do so. You will love the experience. The rain will always stop, and even if it does not, you will learn what camping is really all about. Camping is about bringing yourself out into nature and living there for a short while. You live there with what nature provides, and you take it all, sunshine, rain, storms and whatever other kind of weather happens. You go camping! The great thing about camping is that this is probably the one place that you can safely “do nothing”, and really enjoy doing that. Just sit outside the tent and take all the birds, trees and nature all around you. Check out Hither Hills State Park if you like camping at the ocean. This is the most awesome place for going to sleep and waking up with the rushing tide. And this comes from one who does not know how to swim. I loved staying there for the night. Do you want the best tents? Here is what to do. Never buy online. First go to a store like REI or EMS and see the tents that they have in stock. This will give you a better idea, on which tent is best for you. Just a note, if you do camp at Hither Hills, bring Ziplocs with you. Put all your money or fragile items, like iPods etc, inside plastic bags and then put the plastic bags inside a beach bucket. This way everything will be dry in the morning. Just one last note, you need to register at least nine months in advance if you want to camp out at Hither Hills during a weekend or holiday time. What is your own camping experience? Leave noted Seriously, if you want to experience Heaven right here on earth, the way to go is to visit the Hither Hills State Park in New York State, USA.

Article update 2015. Original article 2005:

vacations for moms

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