C-24 Turns Millions into 2nd class Canadian Citizens Overnight

C-24 Bill

Canada, the land of opportunities for many, has turned millions into 2nd class citizens. This overnight change has impacted millions including fresh immigrants, seasonal immigrants, skilled workers and investors. The new bill C-24 pending from last year came into enforcement and blown many heads. Unusual and un expected bill C-24 has even turned settled immigrants into 2nd class citizens and has broken hearts of many dreamers. Though, Canadian citizenship offers were reducing with their satisfaction of needs and bill C-24 was expected any moment, but still it has pulled many into amazement. This will create a dramatic decrease in Canadian citizenship and will thus distribute all loads into all available substitute countries.

Usually an enforced law deals prior case (to enforcement) with exception while C-24 has impacted citizenship otherwise. The unfair bill C-24 turned millions overnight into 2nd class citizens and thus has created uncertainty in its own citizens. Bill C-24 tiers up citizenship into two tier system. Here, tier one is reserved to the Canadian born that are not eligible for any other nationality. Citizens in this category will be dealt with exception no matter what kind of crimes they do and vice versa. In press conference, official told C-24 will enable them to control “jihadi terrorism”. Many denied by claiming, “Terrorists do not need any citizenship nor is afraid of stripping citizenship instead, is a good idea to harass common citizens”.

Millions compromised their citizenship and is unfair

C-24 seems fair to be implemented on fresh arrivals but implementing a new born rule on seasonal citizens that passed through tough pre requisites before enforcement of law is really unfair. It has impacted and shocked many settlers into deep uncertainty. “Our identities have been stolen overnight and we cannot claim it back” many said with sorrow. “This has lifted us with no choice” additionally they add. Call back of citizenship without judge is a process triggered by anti-Canadian activities but list can be expanded any moment. C-24 will not only impact Canadian immigration but will also dramatically decrease immigrations to all designation countries. This has raised many questions into struggler’s minds. “Today implemented in Canada, can be followed up by others any day” is the main fear of all struggling minds. No additional sub studies or tax relief is offered to the victims of C-24 but a straight forward 2nd class treatment.

By bill C-24 Canadian means “do not knock our doors”

Canada, the land of Eskimos, with vast icy lands and limited population is capable to accommodate a large portion of world population. Head hunt, revenues and population of grownups (professionals) were the reasons Canada opened their borders. It took a long time for Canada to come to a saturation point and was fairly expected. Unexpected part was what it enforced to its settled citizens. Friends of benefits has satisfied their needs and now asking immigrants “do not knock our doors”. C-24 seems another version of Myanmar rule that stripped citizenship of millions. Here, C-24 despite of provoking citizenship immediately, offers discriminated citizenship at 1st stage. “This is the worst message sent to others” some said while “too harsh too rude” to others. To equal the equation, it is expected that at some latter stages, Canada may offer “cancel your dual nationality and be our tier one citizen”.

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