Month: May 2015

The Evolution of Hacking

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Hacking Evolution Computer Hacking was once the kingdom of curious teenager. But now days it become the main field of government spy agents, professional thieves. Today hacking is all about money. That’s why Chinese hackers stole the blue print of F-35 fighter jet. It is also Russian keep stealing the confidential information of Western Oil ….  Read More

Muslims Ignorance From Future Inventions

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Muslims Ignorance From Future Until year 2000, world was using patrol and gas as a major fuel resource to run vehicles. This trend is gradually changing now days. Hybrid vehicles are available to drive in the world. Europe, USA and Australia are manufacturing electric vehicles in large quantity. Once driver charge its battery the vehicle ….  Read More

Production of Energy in Future

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Energy in Future Since billions of years, sun is facing many explosions on its surface. These explosions converts 120 million ton mass into helium gas on daily bases. This helium gas generates so much energy in one second that could fulfill earths’ energy requirement for 500,000 years. Every day Sun sends 174,000-tera watt energy on ….  Read More

Careers in Safety Engineering and Professional Certifications

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Safety Engineering Increased risks and industrial revolution has boosted demand of safety engineering. Safety engineering is an umbrella under which a project is executed. In short, Safety engineering is the branch of safety that makes the working environment comfortable and danger free by addressing all project risks and natural risks. This field of engineering mainly ….  Read More

Punjab Police Violence Against Activist

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Punjab Police The situation became extremely violent after a S.H.O killed two lawyers in straight fire including the president of local bar association. Today on May 25, 2015 President of local bar association Rana Khalid Abbas and lawyer Irfan Chauhan both were killed. Protestants in Sialkot set the office of DSP on fire. According to ….  Read More

Rumors about iPhone 7 Specification and Function

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Rumors about iPhone 7 Apple is best known for its high end products and thus they are enjoying their popularity in the business market. And every time their customers expect more from them. Because of more expectation a lot of eyes turned to the direction of iPhone 7. It is rumored that Apple skipping the ….  Read More

Mutual Interest of PML-N and PPP

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Mutual Interest Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and Shehbaz Sharif both were declared clean in 14 years old money laundering case. The case was initiated back in 1995 in direction of x Prime Minister Asif Ali Zardari and on request of Rehman Malik. NAB court adjudicate the fourteen years old money laundering case in a few ….  Read More

A Single Go Ahead is Required to FIA

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FIA Investigation A Pakistani IT company named AXACT is becoming famous now days in the media. Newspapers, media channels, national and provincial assemblies are discussing its wrong doings in the world. Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) worked as a quick response force after publishing AXACT’s fake degree scandal in New York Times. Due to so quickly ….  Read More

Governance, Ethics, Corporate Behavior and Corporate Reputation

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Corporate Behavior & Reputation Corporate social responsibility and governance are interconnected with each another at broader level. Corporate social responsibility can be defined in a very simply way which is also related to the reputation of business. The social responsibility of business covers the economic, legal, ethical and flexible expectations. Society expects these things from ….  Read More

Budget Process and Human Behavior

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Budget Process Normally budget is comprises of all segments required by any business. Each segment of budget depicts its representation throughout the process. Senior committee of business organizations take care of this regard. Any budget depends on the related information provided by each unit of organization. All units inform senior committee for the available resources ….  Read More