Best Freelance Jobs Sites & Earn Extra

Freelance Jobs Sites

Freelancing is a good business for many business owners. In addition it also beneficial for people to earn some extra money. In today market there are many best website available who offers the temporary jobs or contract by keeping the freelance in their mind.

Some website only posts some specific category like writing, designing and coding. While other post more general categories. So if you think you have some skill or expertise then you can try your luck here. Below I am going to mention some of the best freelancing websites.

These freelancing website not only help the employees to earn extra but also help the business owner to find the talented people to help them. So this is two way opportunity.

  1. Odesk

Odesk is best website designed mostly for freelancers who want people on hour basis rather than flat fees. The employer can also hire you on their payroll service. This website collects 10% on payment commission. If you hire on hour basis, you need to install their tool which capture the screen shot while working on task.

They payment made to the person can reach to his/her account after 6 days. You need to create the profile with all the skill, expertise and experience. They also offer to pass your skill related test on their website to increase your chances of getting hired.

  1. Elance

Elance offer the five job category. It include Programming, mobile developer, Designing, Writing & marketing. This is one of the top freelance website who maintains their site and services. Payment for job made on hourly rate or project base & their commission is 8.75 %. They also use the escrow service for payment and dispute resolution for jobs which have some issues.

After login you need to create your profile with all the skill and experience to get the job on this freelance website.

  1. Guru

This website offers many types of freelance jobs. It allows you to create 5 different type of profile. They use the escrow service to ensure that freelance is paid for his work. They support onsite messaging while working with someone.

  1. PeoplPerHour

This website best for those who have some talent like can make the logo or business card in one hour. It works same like other freelance website but need the hourly job to get earn. The jobs are few on the website but very high quality jobs.

  1. Freelanced

This is a good job posting website. To use it, you need to register and select the membership from free to 7$ per month depend on the features you want. You need to find the job related to your skill and Freelanced help to make the relation with employers.

They payment made through PayPal, escrow or any other mutual agreement.

  1. Freelancer

Freelancer is a good website to post any project you need to done. After posting you receive the different bid on your project. Select the best bid for your project and hire the person. The skilled workers include for web designing, programming, writing etc.

The site provides the real-time project chat service, and task tracking.

  1. Project4Hire

Project4hire offer the opportunity for people to hire. This is a very good website and easy interface to post different projects and get the best freelance professional. Which include programmer, consultant, designer and developers.

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