Video Resume a Cutting Edge tool by Job Portals

Video Resume

Out dated Traditional recruitment procedures been replaced by job portals. Along with other fast delivery methods, now some portals are introducing video resume to benefit both their job seekers and engaged employers. The precise eye catching short introductory resume is the latest innovation and is appreciated by all involved. This reduces recruitment process by 50 % on employer end while increases 50 % chances of selection (shortlisted) for job seeker. Besides a plan documentary paper (resume), video resume enables an employer to see both verbal and nonverbal communications of the candidate. Till now, video resume is supplemented by documented resume and thus increases storage efforts of the job portal but the success rate justifies all that struggle. Today our article “video resume a cutting edge tool by job portals” will drive through the topic.

Technical aspects

It is assumed that soon every job portal will need to adopt innovative techniques or will out of the business. Job portals are the recent matured internet based business and needs different marketing channels, contacts and a huge data base. Increased competition is pulling all job boards to adopt innovative techniques and seasonal staff to stay out of the crowd. It is assumed that soon video resume will run major job portals out of storage space but to survive, they have to adopt the change in need. The scanning protocols are not that sufficient to search through video resume so the portals will need to store document resume and search keywords as well. The innovation in resume will also increase their efforts by storing both document and video Cv. This may change the protocols set and other necessary web designs. Luckily, this all stuff is manageable with demanding additional storage space (keep the size short) from your hosting company. Smaller companies with limited resources will need their users to produce video resume on YouTube or daily motion and to link it on their website for employers.

Video resume on job seeker end

Good news, you have an ideal chance to impress your potential employer. Now besides reflecting your image on a piece of paper you can supplement it with video resume. This will increase your chances of short listing by 50% while will increase your selection chances by 30% in live interview. Usually a positive feedback against video resume confirms your greater chances. The service is usually coupled with premium accounts and paid subscriptions. Don’t worry, not only justifies the worth but delivers more. Take it as a regular interview. Make shave, dress up (official) and make your documentary with plain back ground. Introduce yourself; explain your qualifications with experience and certifications. Don’t forget to include your objectives and to present it with best gestures and postures (presentation). Keep it precise, to the point but in pleasure manner. It is fun doing/ capturing a video CV.

Video resume on employer end

No need to short list 100’s of candidates for interview and to waste organizational resources. Let’s shrink the process and reduce the time. Watch and listen them live in visual presentation at your spare time. This will highlight both their verbal and nonverbal communication skills and will enable employers to short list right candidate for the right job. Once shortlisted, employer will call a limited number of candidates. Keep the interview short to explore the additional exploration. An interesting factor is, it can also cover questionnaire on request where each applicant will be asked to provide answers of the selected questionnaire.

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