Key Strategies for the Successful Networking in Business

Successful Networking in Business

Business can come from the most unlikely places such as meeting a vice president of major corporations on the tennis court or having a magazine publisher in the audience while making a presentation. The more active and visible your are the more contacts you will make. To improve networking, Jump at the chance to make speeches, write articles or volunteer for communities. Networking may also increase by submitting items to association news letter, rituals newspapers and from community newspapers. Networking activities demands spend less time watching TV and more time in group activities. Participation in social media like facebook, twitter, linked in etc. is a also play a vital role to strong networking communication. Also consider joining ski clubs, bridge clubs, city tours and all those opportunities to meet people and network. Following are the key points for successful networking

Have a right attitude. Don’t attend a meeting with a negative outlook, thinking. Know you will meet some interesting personality for networking concern. And have a giving attitude. Plan to help others more than they will help you

Don’t discriminate in persons. Seek those people who can help you from gathering but meet with all. This is a networking goal. Once talking to others, be as attentive and gracious as possible. Don’t ne abrupt or discourtesies simply. You feel they have nothing to offer. They may have been brought into your life for a reason.

Have a plan. Think in advance about who will be here. How you will seek them out. Write down any questions you want to ask. What do you want to accomplish at the first meeting. Bring the complete information which will be of interest for others.

Prepare in advance. Have plenty of business cards and folders describing your services. If you are an author, bring a copy of your written material. Handover this material to concerns whenever an opportunity arises. Don’t give this to all.

Practice listening. Because most people are the poor listeners. This depicts the poor personality of others. When you do the talking you only hear what you already know is the stage for good listeners in networking.

Be good with names. In networking this ties into effective listening. There are also workshops on memorizing names and faces which could help you. Include one in yourself development plan. People you remember will remember you.

Dress appropriately. Dress comfortably but not sloppily for good networking. Don’t wear jeans if it’s a black tie affair. Professional speakers always dress one level above the audience. Its true that you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression. And first impressions are importance.

Take the initiative. This is a vital role in networking. Don’t wait for someone to approach you. Introduce yourself. Initiate the conversation. You can attend all the events you want but you won’t achieve anything if you stand in corner.

Have something to say. It pays to prepare an up-to-date personality. Keep current on the world around you. Readout newspaper on daily bases. Be familiar enough with sports and entertainment updates. Majority of people discuss on sports and entertainment. Less people discuss on politics but you should also be prepared for this. Be prepared to participate in conversations that don’t relate business.

Most important is the follow up. If you skip this step, most of your time will have been wasted. Keep the index cards or database on the people you meet. Record their interest as well as their business and contact information. Periodically review the people in your database so your will remember their names. Don’t forget to send off a great to meet you email immediately after the event. This can help you a lot to build strong networking.

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