Anatomy of a Project with Respect to Different Phases

Phases of Every Project

There are three phases to every project we undertake. Beside a project size, either small or large, we will divide it in three phases. The planning stage, the building stage and delivered stage. In the delivered stage of a project, product or service is actually handover to client. Planning takes the less time and cost as compare to the complete cost of a project. The globally recognized project rule is implemented during these three phases. 1:10:100 is a universal rule of a project management. It cost ten times as much to solve the problem in the building stage. A project takes One hundred times as much to correct it once the project is completed.

Project manager’s experience expresses the need of project management besides the capacity of a project. 5 % time given to Planning process saves a lot of money. Project planning process eliminates lots of worry, frustration and even panic. This process upgrades a project manager’s credibility and reduces costly errors. This process gives confidence to project manager while carrying his/her works effectively.

Importance of project management

By using a project management approach to getting the important things done will increase your chance of success. Writing things down not only clarifies your thinking and make the project more real. It increases project manager’s commitment to the project.

Project manager can easily identify potential problems areas by using project management. Project management provides a realistic estimate of project cost to project manager. Project management also reveals on project manager about the project. It also predicts the situation, either to make time investment on project or leave it to save money. Normally project concerns spend too much time doing things and not enough time planning. Planning makes the doing easier and simple.

When is a task a project?

A project may be large like starting a professional business. Project could be small like placing an ad in a local newspaper. Project has a clear start and end points. To complete a task or work, a sequence of activities has to be performed. Routine work performed respectively on a regular basis is process oriented and normally not considered to be project. The start and end points become blurred when you are doing something again and again. It becomes a procedure or ongoing process even though the first time you did it, you may have treated it as a project.

Even a small job like placing an ad has several steps to it. You may have to obtain a media kit. Determine the size of the display. You will need to find out the cost. You may need to find someone to do the art work. Determine whether to buy premium placement and arranged a payment. A proof reader will also require in this regard who will thoroughly read it and correct the mistakes if any. Placing an ad may be come complicated if more steps are involved like third party contract and approval from own authorities. To resolve such matters project management could be interfere. Where some structured process is being followed. Complete track record is available of everything. Implementing this procedure adequately project manager could save time, money and could grab other opportunities successfully.

Projects within projects

In most business situations there are projects within projects. Like If your project is to start speaking business, you might want to write a book for credibility. Develop a press kit, sponsor workshop for visibility and conduct a media campaign to gain recognition. Start with the large overall project to determine the tasks that have to be performed. Project manager works through the steps of each sub project, using similar forms. With some of the projects you might get away with just a checklist. In order to determine your time management for the overall project, you would have to add up all the times for each individual project.

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