Month: April 2015

Best Freelance Jobs Sites & Earn Extra

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Freelance Jobs Sites Freelancing is a good business for many business owners. In addition it also beneficial for people to earn some extra money. In today market there are many best website available who offers the temporary jobs or contract by keeping the freelance in their mind. Some website only posts some specific category like ….  Read More

Pakistan Government Irrational Decisions

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Government Decisions Pakistan current government is known for its irrational and biased decisions. The wide range of irrational decisions may include but not limited to part time foreign minister and offering contracts to ill reputed foreign companies on higher rates. The lacking Pakistan interest in all international agreements sounds we are being ruled by commission ….  Read More

Video Resume a Cutting Edge tool by Job Portals

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Video Resume Out dated Traditional recruitment procedures been replaced by job portals. Along with other fast delivery methods, now some portals are introducing video resume to benefit both their job seekers and engaged employers. The precise eye catching short introductory resume is the latest innovation and is appreciated by all involved. This reduces recruitment process ….  Read More

Free Data Recover Software for Windows

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Data Recover Software There are many data recovery software available which help you to recover your accidentally deleted files. These software help to recover or undelete your files and restore on your computer. Actually when you delete some files from your computer, it does not delete permanently. It remains on your hard disk and can ….  Read More

How to Plan Risk Management for Various Projects

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Plan Risk Management for Various Projects Risk management is the process of conducting risk management activities for a project. This ensures the degree, visibility and type of risk management. It relates risks with the importance of project for any organization. Risk management preparation is important task during whole project life cycle. This task is important ….  Read More

Question mark on Pakistan Religious leaders Credibility

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Pakistan Religious Leaders Politics in name of religion is the worst factor found in Pakistan and India politics. The religious political parties are just securing their vote bank in name of their religions. The said leaders use religion as cover and followers as pressure groups on governments. No doubt religion and social norms cannot be ….  Read More

Budget Stages and its Modification

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Budget Stages Budgets usually relate specific upcoming stages of time. It contains a fiscal reporting year or a normal business cycle. For example, a car manufacturer may release the 20 x 8 models in the middle of 20 x 7. In this scenario, the sequence may be more logically support to evaluate the introduction year ….  Read More

World’s Most Dangerous Tourist’s Places

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Dangerous Tourist’s Places Volcanic tied ropes from the plunge millions of jellyfish swimming with tourists eager to adventures around the world. There are no shortage of dangerous places .But did you know that the most dangerous places for tourism is called? Just go about world travel destinations in the world where turning is described as ….  Read More

Information Security Management, Compliance Issues

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Information Security Management There are two main reasons why information assets need to be protected. First being their ever increasing probability for information to be compromised either externally or internally, internationally or accidentally. The second reason rests with the regulatory requirements. The necessity for compliance with legislation concerning information collection, use and protection are major ….  Read More

Immigration to Western Countries and Draining Effects

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Immigration to Western Countries Recent years has evidenced a mass enhancement in immigration rate of youth to western and European countries. Earlier, Analysts called current “The century of Immigrations” while described the major reasoning “survival and financial assistance” for immigrations. The research truly reflects Pakistan and other under developed Asian countries where the stressed youth ….  Read More