Month: March 2015

Websites to Create Professional Resume Online

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Professional Resume Now a day’s most of the people switch their job randomly if working in some organization. A resume made in MS Word is not more enough. If you want that the Employer attention to your resume, you need something extra to your resume. Here I am going to mention some of the free ….  Read More

KSA Seeking Alliance for War against Houthis Rebels in Yemen

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Houthis Rebels in Yemen KSA announced war against Houthis Rebels in Yemen. Houthis Rebels also called Zaidi’s are supported and funded by IRAN. KSA airstrikes in Yemen (SANA) will be followed by a ground operation. The code name decided for the war is Operation Decisive Storm. Now Saudi Arabia is seeking alliance for the war ….  Read More

Risk Management and Risk Types

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Risk Management “There is no game without risk” Risk, an important part of life that adds charm to the dull life. We can and as human do try to avoid risks but cannot avoid all. Because some risks brings you fortune, achievements, rewards and progress that cannot be attained without facing risks. Risk management, a ….  Read More

Best 3 coffee places in the world

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Coffee Places in World In 10th century coffee was originated in south of Sudan near to Ethiopia. Yemen is the first place where news had come for coffee utilization in mid 15th century. Later on, by the 16th century, it reached in rest of middle east, turkey, Persia and Africa. European countries, Italy and America ….  Read More

Android Application for IELTS, TOEFL & GRE Exam Preparation

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Exam Preparation Every person in life face many challenges and exam. What ever the reason the challenging exam may be IELTS stand for International English Language Testing Service, TOEFL stand for Test of English for Foreign Language, and GRE stand for Graduate Record Examination. Each have their our own function and separate syllabus and marking. ….  Read More

Security Threats to Internet Services

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Internet Security In the new technological era, Companies and organizations are relying on internet and intranet to perform various transactions with suppliers, partners, customers and financial institutions frequently. This is a very efficient and quick solution to interact with stake holders. There are number of security threats to this system which a company/organization is facing. ….  Read More

Parental Control Applications to Monitor Kids Activity on Smartphones

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Parental Control Application These days its is very difficult to stop your growing children from today technology gadget, internet and online contents. It is a very difficult task for parents to completely stop their children from these technology gadget. The only thing you can do to control the activity of your children on these gadget ….  Read More

Masters of business administration (MBA) in Pakistan

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MBA Masters of business administration (MBA) one of the elite and desired degree in all countries, is losing its worth in Pakistan. You can find hundreds and thousands of MBA degree holders, seeking odd jobs in market. The interesting fact is. The lucky candidates are happy to serve their employer on PKR 15000 (USD 150) ….  Read More

Roots of Talibanization and Consequences

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Taliban Taliban (students), terminology was employed to express students of religious studies and Qur’an. An Islamic study in madrassas (Islamic educational institution) is a free of cost and also offers free food and living facility. Education is the basic right of human being is a double standard in our society where the education of children ….  Read More

Bitcoin the New Decentralized Digital Currency

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Bitcoin Bitcoin the new decentralized digital currency introduced by a mysterious person is rapidly capturing market. More and more products and online tycoons are opened for purchases in bitcoins. All other currencies are created and owned by some countries while economic growth of a country defines worth of their respective currencies. On other hand, bitcoin, ….  Read More