Do invest the best skill in yourself via Professional Certifications

Professional Certifications

Learning never ends but goes deeper and deeper’’

Learning is a never ending process and the dynamic world of possibilities is making it more versatile. Every passing hour calls for new developments. The professionals are required to stay in touch and to avail new certificaitons otherwise they will be outdated. Most of professional certificaitons are time friendly and easy to understand but a bit costly and tough to pass. These barriers keeps demand for certified professionals’ higher while higher demand motivate others to get one.

Shrinking employment market with HR supply from all over the world has turned employers very choosy and underpaid but peak professionals. This is very basic principle of economics, demand vs. supply. Higher demand makes one worthy enough to be appraised to settle the rules of game and vice versa. Sometime you want to get some training or certification in Asia by self-funding is a big deal. Remember guys, businessmen invests their capital and time for better returns while on other hand salaried persons have to invest the best skills of their prospective fields in themselves. In today’s article we will guide you how can you invest excellence of your field in yourself.

  1. Financial assistance loans
  2. Financed by organizations
    1. On job training
    2. Certification for employee development
    3. Financing potential employee
  3. Communities financial assistance
    1. Merit based Scholarships
    2. Need based assistance
  4. Self finance

Financial loans assistance

Financial loans assistance for studies is available in West only and is limited to some a few areas only. One cannot avail it for any course he wants to avail but must keep himself limited to the pre approved programs list only. Here, one submits his request for studies assistance directly in financial institute or via institute. On approval he gets in agreement where he admits that he is liable to pay back in installments after completion of his studies.

Unfortunately this option is not available for most of Asian countries and one must have to avail government institutes as substitute.

Financed by organization

Organizations offers different development programs for their current employees. This helps for both organization and employees development. Any organization may offer the following different modules.

  • On job training is offered to new hired staff. The main focus of the program is to introduce new hired to dominent organizational structure, dominent environment and the procedures that organization employes.
  • Certifications are offered to current employees. This may be the necessicity of the regulatory authority or may need of industry in which company is operating. This is meant for growth of organization. Eg SAP , a mendatory requirement of telecom industry where organizations entered their whole batches for different modules. Certifications in this category are quite expensive.
  • Financial assistance is offered to topper of the credited institutes where an organization funds their studies to seek their potential employement. Here the potential employees enters an agreement where they are liable to serve must of the conditioned period of time in return. IBA and LUMS are the hot institute where organizations seeks their potential top management.

By doing so , organization finds new blood in very low price while the students gets assistance for their studies.

Community’s financial assistance

Communities’ financial assistance is provided to the children of employees (present or deceased) who cannot bear the high expenditures of education and its allied expenses. Merit base scholarships and need based assistance programs are proffer for the welfare of community associated with the companies directly or indirectly.

Some professionalprograms eg CFA has their communities to assist the new commers. These communities for their promotion purpose do assist students by financing, guiding and placing them in different organizations.

Self Finance based certifications

Here one is on his own where he have to spare his time as well as to manage funds for the program he is interested in. Job seekers in this category are at initial stages of their career where they are attracked by demand of any professional certification. May some middle management or top management also fall in this case. All persons falling in this category have eager for growth or want to switch their career.


By any means invest the best of your field in yourself.

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