Job Hunting Techniques ignored by Majority of People

Job Hunting Techniques

Any qualified job seeker, throwing your resume to different employers directly and/or via Job hunting web sites. If so is the case, what makes you different from other job seekers? For being highlighted you must input something extra. In this article we will guide you new approaches, techniques and resources which are ignored by most of the job seekers. These techniques will upgrade you from seeking category to hunting category.

To be highlighted among others you must have

  1. Invest in yourself

Any special skill that makes you different and superior from others but if so is the case and you have invested that much in you, don’t bother for seeking jobs. Companies are going to search you instead and will welcome you on any of your condition.

  1. Innovative approaches

You must have to apply innovative means to hunt jobs. Don’t wait in long queue. The queue may contain some better contestants. With usual skills and even with some special skills, you must have to invest time and brain in standing out of crowd.

Following are the job hunting techniques or best available resources that most of the applicants ignores when applying for a job. With traditional and practical means one must have to take benefit of the following

  1. Social circle
  2. Social media
  3. Job hunting premium memberships
  4. University placement office
  5. Job hunting consultants
  6. Social activities

Social circle

“Most opportunities knock your doors via your social circle”

Increase your social circle and share your professional experiences with them. Your colleagues, relatives, friends and professors are the best source of new opportunities for you. Don’t hesitate to get their help.

TIP: Try to expand your close social circle to professionals of your field.

Social media

Add new circles (professionals) to your social accounts and be frank with them. This can give you an edge for hearing about new opportunities and availing them. Professional networks like Linked in can be an edge where you can learn about new vacancies and can also find different management level personnel with their personal contacts. Imagine if you have linked accounts with you and vacancies are announced in that organization. Your reference can strongly recommend you for related positions.

Job hunting premium memberships

Keep update your professional profile (resume) with different job hunting sites and if feasible, often visit their offices. Along with also join their premium membership. This will cost you a few bucks but they will strongly recommend you for every related position. This gives you an edge over other competitors.

University placement office

University offers a free placement office in their campuses for the current and ex students. Keep in touch with them for new placement. You can also inform the placement office about new vacancies or internships requirement in your current company. This is a bilateral communication of give and take. The job placement office has personal links in HR departments and their reference can be an edge.

Job hunting consultants

Job hunting consultants (individuals) and consultancy firms are available for offering 3rd party jobs. Although job and Benefits through outsourcing agencies can be a bit tricky but still it is better to have a job than sitting idle at home.

Social activities

“Your lift hand though can play much better role in getting job than 10+ years of experience”

A former high management of NOKIA, Pakistan said the words. Your extra circular activities and clubs memberships bring you and your seniors (opportunities) on one table. Most of the business deals and opportunities are executed in events, parties, clubs in informal way while may be closed in formal way (office environment). This is the most expensive and most workable trick for seeking opportunities.

Apply all or some of the said techniques and you will definitely find a welcoming change where the opportunities will be chasing you instead.

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